Sorry no photos this time NKP Ride


Oct 14, 2005
Sorry guys no report on the last trip, I forgot to charge the batteries in the camera so no photos. Actually they were do for replacement I wish I could find a unit to discharge them once in awhile they would last a lot longer.

We got our room on the river paid a premium for a river view. This will matk the end of seven years and the start of eight years in Thailand so a little celebration.

NKP is much like Dan Sai for this one, small sleepy little town with tourist every where for two day a year. Like Dan Sai something to behold. We got the last river view room. They have other rooms in the hotel that are n much cheaper. This hotel is next to the activities on the river. I have some photos from two years ago haven't find them yet if I do I will post them. Not counting on seeing many bikers as a norm this will happen at the same time a bike week is happening somewhere. We are coming to bike weeks every weekend again shortly.

We went solo nop one showed for the ride in the end I wa glad the didn't they would probably have lynched especially when we hiot the mud roads. a bit of slippery slidy there I don't think the Goldwings and Harleys and really big bikes would have enjoyed that much. Man my GPS likes mud, but at least this time I wasn't sliding down a mountian is wa flat, there for easy

I had already picked some odd ball towns to travel through on the way back put the GPS on the shortest route. Now the GP doesn't know if it a paved road ot no. so we did about 40 Klms of dirt road, only tricky part was about 5 Klms of mud. You really end up going through places that are not frequently traveled. To me that's fun.

We took 22 up on an early Sunday morning not bad at all. I had programmed around it on the way back, then changed my mind big mistake, 1630 and that is about most dangerous road I have ever ridden down this way. The try to make you into large hood ornament for their cars. You have slow traffic and very fast traffic mixed so crazy passing going all the time. Not a mistake I intend to make again. More of it four lanes these days but not enough to make up for the insanity. I simple don't have the power to pass fast enough on that road.

There are lots of small hotels in the area if you look around a bit you can find something within your budget