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  1. Sorry to bore you with this but I don't know where else to turn!
    I am very disappointed with the "new and improved" msn hotmail! Half the time it doesn't work properly and it is confusing to use. It is the worst since the eight plus years I had it. Are others experiencing the same? Is there any place to vent my anger?

    On a different note: a couple of friends are coming down here today on their Kawasaki Ninja 650s. I'll try to take some pics and maybe post them here.
  2. Where is here? I'd like to know their thoughts on those bikes as they are similar to my "wish-list" Versys.
  3. yes the new and improved shitmail is buggering up all my mail programs and as fast as it is fixed thay issue another upgrade and it all goes wrong again, idiots Microsoft! the soft is their brains
  4. Same here, the upgrade is totally useless, why do they try and fix something that isnt broken.
  5. There's only one thing reasonable to do, switch to GOOGLE's mail, I did it already and have a private gmail address, works out can easily synchronise with your own Outlook or Outlook Express, no bullshitting like with Hotmail anymore......
  6. I don't want to change my email address, but if this doesn't get better soon, I will!
    Well, the boys left already,back to BKK, but I took some pics, maybe Mr John can post them again for me since I can't find the post-the-picture button.
    The bikes, one silver, one black, were bought new in the US for about 200000 baht, then shipped and licensed here in TH, by then they were worth 425000 baht, if I remember the numbers right. There should be only three 650R's in TH today. But beautiful they are, wait for the pics! I got to take the silver one around the block, and came away deeply impressed. Perfect seating position halfway between sport and touring, perfect seat height (I'm 5'10"), light, easy to manouver, and the powerband seems like plenty of low- and midrange grunt all the way to redline; no dips, but linear power all the way. And plenty for my taste. Vibrationfree at any revs, even though it's a twin.
    Mike, the boys live and work in BKK. I'm ususally a "naked" bike kinda guy, the less plastic, the better, but in this case I definitely prefer the faired version to the Versys. It looks better up close than in the photos. The windscreen does protect, even though I didn't take the bike on the highway. But I know how it feels to go 140 on my CBR, and on the Ninja I didn't feel any turbulence at all at around 120km/h. Didn't want to push it more since I wasn't wearing a helmet (and had a slight buzz from a beer). But I felt instantly "at home" on the bike, and it didn't do anything to upset me. A very user-friendly bike.
    I'll send out pictures tomorrow, promised. And if somebody knows an email address to complain to the MSN people, please let me know - funny, they don't have a complaint box, those arrogant ba#t%rds!!
  7. Klaus by all means send the foto's through will post for you

    Should have taken your mobile number as was passing thru Bang Saphan around 10am Saturday, could have called in for a cuppa.

    saw a group of Farangs on superbikes riding in your area

    just watching Thai TV, plane broke in 2 on landing at Phuket Airport
  8. Thanks, John. Maybe some day I'll locate that button.
    We have one shop in town that sells BIG bikes, but mainly ten-year or older 1000cc and 1100cc bikes and 400cc choppers. The guy doesn't even sell one bike a month. But his biker friends show up on weekends; it must be a good feeling to ride through small towns where people stop and stare! At the moment he has a clean CBR 1100 for sale, with plates, for 110000 baht. If anybody is interested, I can get more info. But you're all in the north, almost a 1000km away, right?
    Picures of the two Ninja 650R are on the way to you.
    press DUCK for spectator menu
  9. KawasakiNinja650Ro.













  10. Klaus,

    I already have a faired bike about the same size, 70hp etc.. I need something more "sit up". I'm buckling to peer pressure now but a 650 twin "crossover" bike I can be seen on but a 650 twin "sport" bike well somehow......I already know the joke about the difference between a fat bar girl and a Kawasaki[:D]
  11. Mike, if you have a comparable bike then you won't need anoyher one, of course. Why didn't you write which bike you have? Most faired bike come with clip-ons, but the Ninja 650R is faired but has a real handlebar. Too bad I forgot to take a picture which shows someone sitting on the bike - I wouldn't want to sit more upright than that. Like I mentioned, it felt very comfortable, no weight on the wriet without being a sail in the wind. I had a BMW K75 "C" which had an upright seating position, it sucked. Sold it quick.
    The Versys seems to me like a good ride for around town, more upright, less power, less compression, less torque. But more expensive. If you get the chance, try them both out first before you get the Versys.
    And screw the peer pressure - I've been most happy on a 650 Enduro around town when nobody waved at me!
    There's a good article here, in case you haven't read it yet: ... 858&Page=1
  12. Klaus,

    here you are a picture.


    Yes Versys is "de-tuned" for mid range but it has a new banana swingarm, fully adjustable suspension, longer travel for ocassional offroad riding, attachment for paniers, etc.
  13. Nice picture, Mike, but I'm not interested in two-strokes.
    Versys: banana swing arm, less torque, more midrange, less good-looking than the Ninja 650R, more expensive - those are topics we could debate for hours; some people do. But I think one has to ride both bikes, preferrably on the same day, ride them back to back and see which one is "better". Probably a matter of taste, anyways.
  14. Thats a Kawasaki ER-6 its a great machine
  15. Thanks for your contribution! - You are a scholar and a gentleman.
  16. gmail? - Well, I like g-strings, why not try gmail? Will I need a new email address? Probably so - that's why I've been with hotmail that long. If I use the new address for writing emails, it shouldn't be much of a problem. Anybody else out there who uses gstrings, err, gmail? What's the opinion?

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