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  1. Hi All,

    Started a new thread so this doesn't get lost in amongst all the other posts for bike rentals over the years.
    May be this can become a sticky for the South as more bike rental options become available out of Pakse

    Had an email from Sern at Lankham Hotel today.. Basically new bikes and the rates.

    Lankham now have one Honda CRF 250L bike (Picture from Sern)
    (Great news indeed, certainly didn't expect to hear this.. Now we have some real options for renting bikes in the south)

    Honda CRF 250L:-
    USD 40 per day

    Honda XR 250cc

    FTR 223cc

    The XR and FTR's:-
    USD $35 per day for 1 to 4 days
    USD $30 per day for 5 days and above

    Lankham Hotel contact details

  2. Thanks Brian,
    very useful info for those who want to discover S/E Laos with good bikes.
    Cheers, Lung
  3. How many bikes in stock ?????
  4. That was Songkran 2012 out the front of the Hotel.. No idea now..

    Just give the Lankham Hotel a call and verify how many bikes.. It could have changed since then.
    Number etc is on the card in the pic.


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