Southern Laos - Over Songkran, any one going to be there or interested?

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  1. Fella's,

    Have the train / plane booked for southern Laos. April 10th / April 18th.

    Bike on the train from Bangkok April 10th evening / Fly to Ubon (no first class sleepers left)

    Bike on the evening train to Bangkok April 18th / Fly to Bangkok. Pick up the bike the following morning from the station.

    Plan to do a similar trip Moto-Rex and I did in January. Leaving out Lake Nong Fa.

    Short video here.. Expect there will be a lot less water as this was early January.

    Moto-Rex's report:-

    PM me if you will be there and like to hook up for some riding or interested in joining for some or all of the ride.

  2. interested and PM sent.

  3. Hi Marcus,

    Be great if you can join.

    Three of us should have a ball..

    I plan to be in Pakse April 11th.. Pick up the bike early from the station.. Expect the train to be 1hr late as usual..

    So in Pakse by 11 or 12.. latest 1pm all going with out a hitch..

    Have to go to Pakse to get insurance unless the brainiacs at AIG have opened a new office at the border...

    Ideally have lunch and head off riding the trails down the Mekong.. But this time not going all the way.. Stop about 1/2 way down and take the ferry across to the 13.. As we burn too much time getting back up from Khong island to Route 18 the next day..
    We can play this by ear.. but great to get straight in to the trails if we can first day..

    Stay around the entrance to route 18 ready for an early start.. Good thing is, we should be in Attapue early afternoon and can celebrate the Lao New Year.. Should also get a taste of Lao new year in Sekong too.


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