Southern Thailand under heavy rain.....Road info needed.

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  1. Sawadeka!!

    Hi guys! Is the highway from Hatyai to Cha-am affected by the current flood at Southern Thailand as mentioned in the news? We (03 of us) will be riding from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 19th Nov and expected to overnight at Surat Thani on the day. The following day we will ride from Surat Thani to Cha-am and on the 3rd day from Cha-am to Chiang Mai.

    Would appreciate if anyone can let us know whether any of the highway is flooded or almost flooded recently. You immediate assistantis much appreciated.

    p/s. Also need to know what is the petrol selling price currently in Thailand?

  2. check this out:

    Market leader PTT now quotes regular petrol at 28.59 baht per litre and 23.29 baht a litre for 95 gasohol.

    maybe u should consider loading up yr bike and train yourself to Bang Po or somewhere thereabout...saves u the wet wet ride with uncertain flooding situations.

    I have seen flooding making stretches of Route 4 & Road 1 impassable.

    Then when u ride down from CNX to Chaam or HuaHIn early Dec, the weather would have calmed down much...

    Enjoy yr ride.
  3. Hi Joko!

    Thank you for the info but the Thai Meteological Dept info is only a brief information. Well if it really impassable from hatyai to Surat Thani or Cha-am Than we might load our bikes on board the train.

    I'm still hopping for more information from any Southern Thailand rider in regard to the weather now.
  4. nzmm,
    suggest u take a train more saffer
  6. Hi ... this Eddy from Suratt.

    At the moment there is not so much rain. Will be coming less and less. The roads are okay.
    From HatYai to Suratthani .... no problem.Around 5/6 hrs. driving.
    Hotel in Suratt , there are many. For you the best will be :
    PRINCES PARK HOTEL. Directly on the Intersection SURAT 401 - To SAMUI and Nakhon Si Thamarat. Follow this way. Its only 200mtr. Opposite the Shopping Center TESCO-LOTUS. Price around THB 600,--
    Tel.77 405989 . New and clean...Need to take the next U-turn Sorry , I am out of town, otherwise we can meet eachother. Surat Thani has the best Seafood in Thailand, sure.

    Suratt to Cha-Am , you need around 5/6 hrs. to. But maybe it a little bit better to drive until PETCHABURI.The do have some good Hotels there
    The way Cha-Am to Chiang Mai its a little bit far and stressfull around Bangkok. Use HWY no. 9 to Ayutthaya. So, wake up early to avoid the traffic around Bangkok.
    Concl. Roads are okay, Rain a little bit....... I think , you are very well prepared for this trip. Gasoline no problem. All 50 Km , or less.
    Any problem in Surat Thani call me up. 089 65 25 722

    Have a nice trip Eddy Surat Thani
  7. Hi Eddy!

    Thank you for the information. Well we are expected to reach Surat Thani latest by 3pm tomorrow (19/11/08). It would be great if we could meet at Princess Park Hotel, since that's infect the hotel that I have book.

    As for our jopurney to Chiang Mai, we indeed has somehow well prepared and hopefully nothing happen to my mottorcycle as mine is a new model of Yamaha, that if Yamaha FZ150i which has Fuel Injection and ECU. We will be leaving tonight at mid-night (0000 hrs 19/11/08). We will enter Thailand from Bukit Kayu Hitam, Malaysia at 0800 hrs. I already noted your contact and will really need your help should anything happen to us.

    Thanks again and hope to see you at Surat Thani.


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