SP Suzuki Pulling Out of Thailand Motorcycle Distribution

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  1. Comment: perhaps this explains why no Suzuki big bikes are yet available through SP Suzuki, which was the Thailand Suzuki distributor for 40 years. Lets hope that it also means Thai Suzuki Motor, that is taking over start bringing in big bikes. :lol-sign:
  2. wish i bought some shares last week

    hope suzuki get its act together now

    and pulls in some market share for the thai market.

    their version of the fino, scoopy forgotten what its called, gelato?

    looks crap compared with the others.

    dropped the raider?

    no model to compete with the click, mio as far as i know ?

    the hayate is okay
  3. So the Japanese will Run Suzuki Thailand by Themselves after Thai Management Failed? Good for them and if they aim to have complete Control by end of October could be a Safe Bet that the 2011International Motorshow in Feb/March would be the Place to Launch the New Company and New Models??? Lets Hope So! Bring it on Suzuki!!!
  4. David & Ian, just dreaming, V-Strom 650, RMX450Z,..........hahahaha. But if it's really the japanese to do it then good things will come to those who wait :thumbup: , I hope only that they don't listen too much to the sales-bla-bla people: choppppppeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrr......... :thumbdown: regards, Franz
  5. Interesting news, I am sure many on here will follow this development closely.
  6. What about Honda? Do they have a Thai distributor in Thailand or do the Japanese manage things themselves?
    What is their unbelievable success? Having almost 70% of the market must come from somewhere?
    In the European and American markets the % are more evenly divided; hard to believe that Suzuki and Kawasaki together have only 6% here!
    Can't expext too much if the share is ridiculously low...

    I'd be happy if they'd bring in the DR200 for a decent price!

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