Spanish Moto GP.

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by Ian Bungy, Apr 1, 2011.

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    For those interested We will be watching the Spanish Moto GP Live at the X-Centre on Sunday! Everyone is welcome to Join. Racing Starts at 4pm with the Main Race supposed to Start at 7pm according to the MotoGP Website!
    Restaurant will also be open to 8pm.
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    Great idea. The first normal MotoGP of the year.
    So guys why not a Samoeng loop lap before the race.
    Meet at Euro Diner 1.45PM
    Depart from Euro Diner 2.30PM.
    A quick thrash around the Samoeng loop with a couple of photos stops en route to have an ETA of 3.45PM? at the X-Centre.

    Of note & a bit of a chuckle for some: on my 2 week downunder trip the day I arrived in Gawler was the Qatar MotoGP, first of the season.
    Arrival in Gawler, south Australia was 4PM & I sat down with my brother to crack open the first bottle of red & the masterplan to stay up & watch the races starting at 3AM local time.
    We drank all night, my brother piked out & went to bed setting his alarm for he 5Am MotoGP main event.
    Me, I bravely stayed up to watch all the races, well at least the first lap of the 125s, which was when I apparently fell asleep on the couch & my brother went off to bed.
    I was still asleep when brother Murray woke me up for the warm-up lap of the MotoGP race.
    Oh well, at least I saw the main event.

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