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  1. jon

    jon Ol'Timer

    Having just passed fifty (years), I am having real problems with my eye sight in regards to both riding and working on the bikes.I wear glasses for short sight but now I am having problems with seeing close up as well. Glasses are a pain with a full face helmet as I have to them off before taking off my helmet. I also do a bit of riding off road and then I have to try to make my goggles fit over my glases and then when riding I have the problem of misting and then shaky vision if I get up to any speed .Then when I want to work on the bike I have to take off my glasses to see close up and usually leave them on the ground for me to step on later.To be honest it is starting to get me down but I don't want to hang up my wax cottons yet. I would welcome any ideas. I have even considered eye surgery or contacts.
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  3. Robin Holmes

    Robin Holmes Ol'Timer

    jon, I'm 52 and wear glasses for close work. I hang em round my neck. I don't wear them for riding so I suppose I'm lucky. I know though that I can wear sunglasses under Motox goggles with motocross helmet.
  4. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer


    I wear glasses, bifocals, for everything even special ones for PC work, and yes it is a little inconvenient when putting the helmet on but I live with it. Also above about 160-ish the road does get a bit blurred. A fancy flip up helmet would solve that problem but they are not cheap.

    Sounds daft but when was the last time you got your eyes examined as opposed to tested? I have had two friends in the past, one last week and one a few years ago who discovered they had cataracts. The latter actually went to the Phillipines for laser surgery only to be told he didn't need it, just cataract surgery.

    Laser surgery is about 25,000 per eye last time I looked (sic)and is quite common.

    Tip: If you take Robin's advice and hang them around your neck attach the cord to the back of the earpiece, a la surfer[8D] and not to the hinge like Agatha Cristie[V].
  5. KX500

    KX500 New Member

    Hi Jon,

    I've decided to skip the Lasik, get disposable contacts for my dirt riding and wait for that cataract operation, where they insert a fixed focal length plastic lens in your eye to replace your own fogged-up lens.

    Then you just need to carry reading glasses like everybody else. And that hearing aid, walking stick, prostrate and back pain medication, plus the Alzheimer tag with your name and address on it. Guess then it's time to hang up your wax cottons......

    Cheers and have a blast while you last!
  6. jon

    jon Ol'Timer

    Thanks for that Mr.KX and who needs padded cycling shorts when you can wear those adult pampers day in day out?
  7. jonadda

    jonadda Ol'Timer

    Is'nt life kind?
    I'd give my right arm to be ampidexterous.
  8. MBT

    MBT Ol'Timer

    I suspect your eyesight is going due to all those 'so called 'massages' you take on a daily basis. Happy endings can leave you permanantely blinded mate!

    By the way...The weather here in blighty is shite! Worst weather in 103 years apparantely and now looking forward to coming home as my balls are frozen and my wallet ran out of cash 5 days ago! Boo is dressing like an eskimo and it's mid summer but, thankfully we can see where we are going!
  9. MBT

    MBT Ol'Timer

    I laugh out loud...Just noticed that Jon writing about bad eysight is not Jon from Jonadda! Sorry Jon my post was aimed at Jonadda:) I joust got my jons wrong! Sorry!
  10. jon

    jon Ol'Timer

    No worries MBT and being married, I am still waiting for a happy ending.
  11. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper Ol'Timer

    Jon, sure enough wearing glasses is a pain but bumping into things is even more painful.
    I have an around town helmet big enough to take off and on without removing my glasses, and a road helmet which is a tighter fit and requires the removal of glasses but once it is on it stays on for longer.
    Bi-focals are great but just a tip if you get them. Make sure the join between the close vision and long vision is not too high. If it is too high you have to keep your head down to look through the distance section which can be tiring after a while. The join can be lower than you might think and still be OK for close ups.
  12. pee

    pee Ol'Timer

    Jon, you write:"I also do a bit of riding off road and then I have to try to make my goggles fit over my glases"
    There are off road goggles, specially designed (wider) to accomodate glasses. There are a bit more expensive than the standard model. I find them quite helpful. Mine are made by "Scott" but I bet other brands do them as well. "Dirtshop" in Bkk sell this kind of product.
  13. jon

    jon Ol'Timer

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the replies. I think I will try bifocals.I had tried to get a pair of Scott goggles for wearing over glasses, here in Chiangmai, but no luck. I did have a pair back home and they seemed to work well so I will try the Bangkok shop.Cheers.
  14. jonadda

    jonadda Ol'Timer

    Not true Andy
    It only affects your eye sight if you do it your self
    But it does suck when the eyes start to fail you, I now have a pair of glasses for seeing, one for reading, one for computer and a pair of prescription sunny's
  15. HIKO

    HIKO Ol'Timer


    For those of you looking for goggles to use with your glasses I have one product I can recomend. DAVIDA helmets in UK is selling Retro glasses with inside frames built into the goggles for your eye doctor to make lenses. The goggles are very expensive but good quality. They does not go with all helmets so try to check that before you order. The owner of Davida is a very easy going MC-enthusiate himself.


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