Special Invitation to GT Riders - Triumph Factory, Chonburi

Discussion in 'BritBike Triumph Thailand' started by Rhodie, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Special Invitation to GT Riders - Triumph Factory, Chonburi

    I have finally got a response, after a year of badgering, to arrange a visit to Triumph's factory here in Chonburi, Thailand.

    GT Riders, in association with Britbikes, have been invited to be the first non-industry party
    to gain access to Triumph's production facilities here in Thailand.
    Anybody who has toured the Hinkley plant will know how fun & interesting such a visit can be.

    We are provisionally looking at the 4th or 5th August.
    Post or PM me your interest.
  2. Thanks Rhodie for the invite, and also for pursuing the idea. As per our phone conversation you can pencil me in. I need a break from the north (t/g/f) anyway and that sounds like a good excuse.
  3. Huzzah!

    Thanks a lot for arranging this John and it coincides nicely with my time off so yep, pencil me in but it would have to be the 5th to allow the monday for me to get to BKK/Chonburi.


  4. Hi Friends,

    If it's gone to be true i'll be interested to visit this factory as well.

    For the time being, I don't imagine what does mean Bangkok/Chonburi in Km/time ?

    I'll be in LOS from the 22nd of June 08 onward.

    Thanks for organising it, and a big thanks to TRIUMPH THAILAND.
  5. Well done Rhodie.

    Count me in and thanks.
  6. Count Me in also. :wink:
  7. I'm in too. Many thanks John for making this happen !! Cheers, FR
  8. Rhodie
    You little beauty - definitely interested & love to go.
    Where to meet & ride from?
  9. Wouldnae go as far as "beauty" - beast maybe..

    Anyhoo am liaising with factory & Britbikes to arrange timing and itinerary.
    Even the date is not as yet written in stone.
    The good news is that that GTRs are the driving force in making this happen and all your responses are really helpful.

    I believe it is reasonable to assume that those coming down from "up-country",
    would prefer to miss out on the hurley-burley of BKK and assemble nearer to the factory before meeting up.

    Britbikes are rather surprised by the immediate interest shown and now talking about a night out in Pattaya.
    Apparently there is another Ace Cafe [not just on the North Circular]
    and they thought it would be good to have a knees up associated with the trip.
    Those with Pattaya experience may have some thoughts on a suitable venue.
    I know of the Hard Rock but there may well be better joints.

    The other thought they have subsequently had is that a Saturday factory visit,
    rather than a week day, as most Thai riders would not be able to make it during the week.

    Your views, thoughts & availability would be most welcome.

    This is beginning to sound like herding cats, or, the recent Nan trip Muppetry!
  10. John as some friends & myself are still "working class" we naturally would prefer Saturday.
    Venues in Pattaya are plentiful, if Britbike wants to spend really some cash, I would recommend an "upper-class" eatery named "MOOM AROI" it's at the northern end of Naklua road. The Thai guys at Britbike should know it.
    Guys coming from North or North East are recommeded to avoid the big apple and go via Lopburi-Saraburi-Nakhon Nayok on the 33, Prachinburi on the 319/304 to Chachoengsao and down to Bang Pakong Industrial Estate.
    From the plant to Pattaya is no big problem, via the Bang-Na/Trat highway downside lanes, further on the 7 or old Sukhumvit to Pattaya.
    Cheers, Franz
  11. Chaps,

    By no means work an itinery around me but due to myself also being at least semi "working class" the only saturday in that immediate time frame that I could make would be the 9th. If that suits, alls well. If not, I guess I miss out this time :(


  12. Saturday shouldn't be a problem Pikey & Franz.
    Just waiting to hear back from the factory on what will suit them.

    Franz thanks for the routing & hostelry advice.
    I believe Silverhawk has some GPS coordinates.

    Re: Hospitality.
    I am not holding my breath on any entertainment being underwritten by BritBikes or Triumph.
    If they do so, then it's a bonus - as getting into the factory will be a coup in itself.
    There's many in the UK M/C press who would give their right arm to gain access.
    So KFC members be advised.
  13. Great thing,

    Pls count on me also.

    Maybe I can be of some help to arrange the evening&night program in Pattaya.

  14. Hi guys , Yes please count me in if I am in thailand on the propsed date , i went there about 3 years ago and to Hinckley but am curious what they are doing with the 2nd production line.
  15. Sounds like a GT Rider party in the making here.

    Finally will get to meet some more of you guys. Looking forward to it.
  16. As I now have three Triumphs in the garage count me in too.
    Any date suits me for this even though I am a 6 day a week working class person.
    But special priveleges can be arranged for the boss!
  17. Rhodie...
    Nice effort and work!

    You can add this Pattaya resident to the list of those that would like to go.
    Once the tour date is confirmed, it would help to post a map...or directions to the factory site. Easy to get to Chonburi...but I don't know my way around.

    Franz seem to know the upscale places in Pattaya, but if the Brits want low-brow places, then I can help! 8)
  18. Excellent footwork John, a tip of the hat to you for your efforts.

    Please count me in on this event.
  19. Gday Rhodie.

    Thanks for work putting this together.

    Sounds like this will be an good day.

    Please add me to your list of merry men.

  20. A very good coup, please put me on the list. Once the dates are firmed up I can confirm for definite as work tends to obstruct a lot of good rides.
  21. Any more news on this yet?
  22. I am lead to believe that it should be happening early in August.
    But despite gentle prods no firm word yet.
  23. Factory Trip

    I'm afraid the badger has gone to earth on this for the present.
    Sticking point appears to be that the farang factory management don't work at weekends.

    I'm told that it will happen sometime, when the factory fellas get around to responding and setting a date.

    2009 Triumph Line-Up

    On another note you can see some of the 2009 Triumph line-up here in abbreviated form from MCN
    http://issuu.com/motorcyclenews/docs/mc ... yout=white
    Odd that anyone should want to take styling cues from the 70s Trumpets

    Tho do scan thru as there is also an interesting ride-off [again only a partial excerpt]
    of the new Tenere 800GS 650 Vstrom.

    From what there is you can still get the general picture.
  24. So why don't we organise a visit on a day when they do work? Any day Monday to Friday suits me.
    Anybody else available to go on days other than Saturday?
  25. I'm in CNX and work 2 weeks on/2 off with the next time off being from 11/8 so would need a day or two to get there. As I said before, if that suits, count me in. If not, no worries.

    The one thing that really pisses me off is that the Britbike crew asked for this sub-forum to be set up a few months back but we have had f*ck all posts from any of their key players. Rhodie has done a great job of sourcing bona-fide information but this should be happening at the dealer level - Dom, if you are reading this and want to be taken seriously (and I believe you are a passionate bike enthusiast), you should at least make a few contributions and the occasional update........


    Pikey. (In constructive-critisism mode)

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