Special ride Saturady the 29th

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  1. From Udon

    We decided to give oursleves a little treat, we are going to the Thai French Beef restuarant and have a nice big steak for lunch. We will be taking the back way in so it won't be a boring ride.

    Speeds for the most part will be around 80 so just about any size bike should be able to keep up. For the guys who want to ride faster no problem I will hang back with the slower bikes, heck fits me better anyway.

    The goal is to try to make it so everyone can enjoy it fast or slow.

    We will leave from the Jet gas station on the Khan Kean highway at 0900 on Saturday the 29Th everyone is welcome.
  2. Hey it will be great to see you again and I'm sure we will be out and about. There is one guy who recently hooked up with adn wants to tour Thailand for three months that sounds right up your alley. Interetin guy oewn a language school here in Udon. Been in Thailand for 13 years speaks fluent Thai. Nose to the grindstone all that time. Might be a contact for you.

    He wa amazed at waht was along the river we took through that area last week and onto Non Som, through the killer twisty climb. He plans on being back Saturday. If he keep[s it up we should have up to speed by the time your ready. Might make a good riding mate for you this year. He has seen nothing so it will all be new to him.

    We will probably join him for some of it, but not three months LOL

    Let me know and I will get you guys together.
  3. Udon's very Own surpeg hero:

    Faster then a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, stronger then a locomotive. Is it Superman? Why no, it’s AUSSIE BOOOOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yesterday we had a ride out for a steak lunch back way into Sunkunakorn, at the Thai French beef the meat processing location, and doesn’t get much fresher then that. We met with out hero in Kumpawapi at the park, drove right by him. Thought he was going to be on a chopper, nope Honda dream...

    Well we said we were going to take it easy speed around 80, but we also knew it was going to be a long day. He was thinking a five hour ride, no maybe twice a long as that. Adversity didn’t faze our hero. So off we go.

    Made our first turn, now this is one of those goods rides went the wrong way. My measure of a good ride is if you don’t get lost at least once, you’re not seeing new ground. Couldn’t see our hero anywhere thought well he must have gave up. No, about three minutes later our hero comes riding in from the sun. Seems he stopped for gas. I had stopped to make sure he saw the turn and was enjoying my little break. What I didn’t know was the entire group had stopped up the road a bit. So I told him just go ahead and we will catch up. So our hero being the good citizen he is rides right past the group. Well they were having a conversation about the wrong turn we had just made.

    Now our hero s in the lead, only one problem the road dead ends, but what we don’t know I does it turn into a dirt road and will our hero continue on. So one of the guys goes after him and here he comes back to our location.

    Off we go again into the mountains through the area of the Kings Palace, through the twisties and up and down the hills. There is a National Park in this area and easy to see why really beautiful country.

    We make to our lunch spot about 2:30 P.M. have out lunch and a cool wind kicks up, so we think we are going to get really wet. But as we leave we are going right around the edge of the storm. We get into Sukunakorn and finally hit rain, but only five minutes. We pulled over and waited a bit under shelter. But where oh where is our hero. Fifteen minutes go by and no rain. Finally we decided he must be ahead of us, no one had seen him pass, but we had been on the frontage road because we knew we had to needed to get out of the rain for a bit. So we decided some how he had gotten onto the main road and passed us in the rain. So finally decided that we would catch up with eventually and off we go.

    We did about 50 klms down the road, where he had pulled over to wait for us. Off we go again. We had decided to pull over for gas on the outside of the village we were in and treat ourselves to a cup of v coffee. The sun was just going down and was directly in our eyes. Lucky to see a bus. Good time to regroup for a bit. As we are getting ready to turn into the gas station our hero charges ahead. We are blowing our horns like crazy trying to get his attention. But our hero had ridden off in the sunset. Well this was the third time and we stopped worrying about him. We knew he would be just fine.

    Now this 450 Klms on a Honda dream and he ran all day with the big dogs. You would think he was quite the hero but no the real hero was his lady she did all this riding side saddle in a skirt.
  4. He also has a Phantom that hauls a trailer he had built, he say he is showing up with that one next tiem. I was really surprised his lady really enjoyed the day and of course wants to be up to the ladies on the big dogs, so pants next time and that all important jacket. Heck I was exahusted he had to have been beaten.

    They were really good sports about the whole thing, personally I don't think I would have done it.

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