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  1. A question for the mapping guys

    Thailand map seems to be made up of a number of smaller maps. I have successfully imported Thailand map into Mapsource on a secondary laptop (my travelling one) which has lower specs.

    The result of the lower spec laptop is that it thinks a bit before every action or movement around the map. I am assuming that this is due to the load of the multi map image file.

    Would it be possible to define the maps which make up the whole Thailand map and maybe create a Mapsource compatable map for single areas ( or even two areas) at a time. For instance, a Map for Northern Thailand only to reduce image size and hasten operation in Mapsource?

  2. Hi T, did you see the post below, possibly going back to the older version could be an option for you, that is if you are using the newer version.

    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... t4182.html
  3. Thanks for that. I had forgotten about that problem and it is probably partly to blame.

    I am running the same version on my regular laptop which is a higher spec and the speed isn't really an issue on that one. I am therefore presuming that it is also a matter of the size of mapset which causes the slow down. will take your advice though and go back to a previous version and see what happens



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