Sports group ride from Khon Kaen Sat 1st March

Sep 4, 2007
Any riders welcome.
Start. 9.30am Shell Garage Highway 209 towards Kalasin. Left hand side on 209 (Sri Chan Road) shortly after Pracha Samoson road joins Sri Chan. Approx Distance 320km.

We will ride East a few Km on the dual carriageway and
then turn up towards Nam Phong and past Wat Phra Tat
Kam Kean to Kranuan stopping for coffee at Castle
HowChow, which describes itself as Issans beach

Over to No 2 highway; North a few km and then
down to Ubonrat Dam and reservoir for lunch.
Then down the side of the reservoir on one of the only
bendy hilly bits of Tarmac in the area, great riding
on newly surfaced road. Joining highway 12 to Ban Fang, and then quiet roads down to Chonnabot. Maybe another stop for coffee, or any silk purchases.
Over Highway 2, a quick blast on the 23 and up a great little road the 2300, and the 208 back to KK.