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  1. anyone who wants to hook up to ride sportsbikes please drop me an email, am based in chiang mai but like to ride pretty much anywhere. i dont really know anyone else up here who regularly rides these bikes and would be nice to get together and drive these beasts.cheers

  2. I'll ride with you, i plan to put my bike on the train and go up there soon. Hope for a few degrees lower than bkk. Stay in touch...
  3. Hi luke;
    about half april i am in chiangrai again for 1 month, if you are going to make a trip one day, just contact me and we meet somewhere to ride up.
    Rgds, Renepicture032smallgt6.jpg
  4. Luke,

    Post a message on [email protected] although most based in BKK, someone may feel the need to come to CM. Recently a couple of guys went to Udon for a long weekend.
  5. wicked thanks guys, thats great lets make sure we keep in touch, i would ride down to bangkok but my bike has no plate and i gather the old bill are quite strict on them down there???
    p.s sweet bike rene my friend here in chiang mai has the same model 2001 i think, but in white and red, he has a dynojet fitted and on 6th gear roll ons it keeps up with my gixxer! and let us know when u get to chiang mai tom there are some preety sweet sports bike roads up here!
  6. Well Luke, that,s great news, so then you are not riding alone at front:)

    Ps, are you completely recovered from your last accident?

  7. more or less thanks rene! my wrist is pretty much back to normal and my ankle is still a bit weak but definitely rideable, see you in april..
  8. nice bike tom mate, have you done any mods to it?
    yep its definitely a few degrees below old bangers and it still gets quite chilly here in the night, back in december and january it was bloody freezing..
  9. I'm back in Chiang Mai first week of April so good chance of a blast somewhere. So long as you don't mind waitng now and then as the Duke is no match for Jap rockets.
  10. Luke, no mods other than what was on when i bought it, LeoVince titanium and Giles rearsets. But I need to have a lot done to it when i get home to bkk next week. A new ECU would be nice to find, my bike cuts at 190km/h cos its Japanese.
    I wonder, how do u post pictures here in the messages?
  11. ah mr.snail but we know it is in the hands of the rider, i have personally seen the snail despatch an R1 and keep pace with a lunatic on a hayabusa, and all this with a touring tyre and half his wardrobe strapped to the tank!
    police got me on their laser gun the other day i think the guy must have telephoned ahead when i went past as as i rounded one corner there was a bloody roadblock of traffic cones and frantically waving police in the road i nearly didnt see them as i was tucked in behind the windshield. they pulled me over and told them i had been doing 150km/hr. i was delighted at this as i went past the gun doing over 280. the gun must have been a waterpistol as it obviusoly wasnt working proplerly, well i hope my speedo isnt that far off, anyway. they wanted a mere 200baht for doing nearly 3 times the speed limit.fantastic they also plyed me with coke, water and fresh stawberries, and gave me a dust mask to wear for the ride back. i told them that the bike will do 150km/hr in first gear as i left and they all gave me the thumbs up as i rode away.( pictures to follow!). i wonder what the english police would have done with me had i got caught doing 160mph. locked me up and threw away the key i reckon. i have heard that the pattaya police arent quite as friendly as the lamphun constabulary though...

  12. tom that takes months to learn how to put the pictures on, in my case anyway,!
    it was thanks to davefl and numerous other gt-riders that i finally managed my first "upload". basically you have to put them on a cd first. then from the cd onto a photo website like photobucket( thanks silverhawk), then from photobucket you can paste some number that will come with the picture onto the gt-rider site. sorry for the vague explanation as i still dont really know what im doing i have it all wriiten down for me and when that doesnt work i get the internet lads to do it for me!
    hope to see you in chiang mai soon better get that stupid restriction off the bike aswell you will definitely need that top-end for the lampang-chiang mai stretch!!
  13. hehe Luke, that,s a nice police-bike story!Great.
    I also experience one time like this, fun!

    Tom; i send you an private mail, there i will explain you how to add an image, because we are very curious.

    Rgds, rene.
  14. I tried to put pic, but i guess i failed again... just got some link there to photobucket. Crap.
  15. tom
    see if you can work your way through this one
    Link removed
    all the photo info should be in there.
  16. Luke, if you are going to ride up to chiangrai,let me know, or just come by my house for a cup of coffee, then i will join you for a while on the trip back.
  17. does this mean your in thailand rene? if so great send me an email i have family over at the moment but should be ready to ride in a week or so...
  18. hi luke good to hear you are still out there and enjoying the roads!!!,was out down kent way over the weekend on the gsf1200 with babe on back takeing the lines and enjoying the sun! when 3 gsx guys flew past in there own race!,sadley about 1 minute later we came across 1 smashed car 1 smashed bike and 1 very dead biker in jeans/jacket! i only pass this on as one whants to hang onto mates, ride safe and ride with a clear head.m
  19. Hello Luke, i have send you an e mail.
  20. tom , any chance of seeing you and your rocket fireblade up here in chiang mai, hopefully the rainsdw ill have washed all the diesel off the roads, if your coming up soon let us know as me and rene are off this week for a ride....
  21. Luke,
    Im not sure when i can be there, i got into here in bkk, loads of bikes and rides there with those guys. But for sure, i'll be there pretty soon.
    So i'll let u know when i'm on the way ok, ride safely! Haha....

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