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  1. I've got a brand new, in box, Spot Satellite Tracker. It's never been used, except I put the batteries in it to power it up and run the self check to make sure the unit is working, which it is.

    See the Spot website at

    5,000 baht including postage via EMS to anywhere in Thailand. The Spot is in BKK so there's no need to worry about customs fees etc.

    The price above works out to about USD$146.00, Spot sell the devices on the Spot website for USD$169.99.

    NOTE: You also need to subscribe to the services to use this device.

    After breaking my leg pretty badly last month, while riding alone in the mountains and rural areas of NE Thailand, I'm convinced a device like this should be part of a plan which should be put together by all you riders before going out riding. I was riding alone in mountains and rural areas, and you guys know how it is, sometimes for 30-40km, or a few hours I didn't come across a single person, especially in the rock lined single track through the mountains. Toward the evening I was riding some farm trails and to cut a long story short, braked hard to avoid some spooked cows (and their ropes, hey been clothes-lined by those ropes before too), used too much front brake and flew off, drove my right leg into the ground, breaking it in 4 places. I was absolutely blessed that the farmer who owned the cows was there and he called a ute from the local village to pick me up and take me to the hospital. All I can say is very lucky indeed. If it happened while I was in the mountains I would be in more trouble than the early settlers I can tell you.

    Enough ranting.

    Feel free to ask questions. Cheers.
  2. That might be good one, but who or what organisation monitoring Spot emergency signal in Thailand??

    i read page you supplied and they say that east asia coming soon.

    it would be fantastic device if it's really work in thailand.
  3. Hi Marco, good question. While the device will work and does get full reception in Thailand, Laos as well as Cambo., there are no SAR (search and rescue) facilities set up to monitor those three countries on a whole. So I wouldn't be relying on a device like this as a one and only emergency lifesaving device. However it could be used well to let family, friends etc track where you are, see where you are if you don't come home, also allowing you to send emergency as well as non emergency messages, working with satellites means if you're out of cell phone coverage it still works. There will be no efficient country wide SAR in these three countries in the near future either, so don't wait for the Westpac rescue helicopter to come and pick you up. Cheers.
  4. Mussen

    So you mean by "one" can send messages from the device for normal mobile phone? if so that would be good good enough, any idea about cost's involved?

    Thailands has SAR(Search and Rescue Heli services) what we seilors are using and for sure they are monitoring the signals,but what happen after that would be a mystery as those Helis are in BKK,Chonburi and Phuket as far i know,as we been using them in the past.

    but again, intresting device and looking forward more info and how it would cover let's say Thailand for example.
  5. Hi Marco, yes the device can send a pre-set check-in message, or a pre set request for help message (SMS and email) to preset contact(s) which you set up in the account section on your PC before you start using the device. The 911 signal goes to a place in the USA who then contact the relevant people depending on what country the signal comes from.

    As far as I am aware, those helicopters you guys use monitor and do rescue for coastal and offshore emergencies only, and won't travel up to Northern Thailand to pick up a stranded farang for example, however I could be wrong.

    Like I said on my above post, I wouldn't be relying on its 911 feature alone to get you out of a situation alone if you are in Thailand. As emergency services could eventually find you however it could take some time. However the 911 feature coupled with the other features of the device can be used well. As an example, you could send a message to a group of friends to let them know your bike is broken beyond repair and to come and bail you out, they will know your exact GPS location for this also. You can also send a message to a group of friends or family several times a day to 'check in' and let then know all is well, and your location also.
  6. Mussen

    thanx for that and finally what is the cost of they service?yearly or monthly??
  7. Hi Marco, for US residents, the yearly pricing is USD$99.00 per year with the option of real time tracking an extra USD$49.95. For non US residents the yearly subscription is slightly more, eg: for Australian residents it is USD$115.00 per year + the option of USD$49.95 for real time tracking.

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