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  1. Dear Forum,

    6 weeks ago I was a prat in the garden, tugged on a large put, lost my grip, fell back and sprained my left wrist. I feel it was a serious sprain.

    I think it is healing fine. I rested it for 4 weeks and am now working with a physiologist - like a physio, and although he gives me a lot of pain the wrist is improving. My grip is not strong - never was but is now much weaker than normal, I don't have full movement yet but can do most household stuff - but cannot lift or move heavy stuff and the wrist can't take my weight yet but that is improving. I have pain at the top of the ulna

    Two weeks ago I got on the bike, left wrist weak. Stuttered forward, the bike veered to the right and I fell off. I am not sure exactly what happened but I had no control, and just came off.

    Yesterday the guy tested my hand grip, and said I could test riding. After my complete lack of control two weeks ago I am scared. I don't think the problem is just my grip. I sit on the bike and feel a pain at the top of the ulna - area on the left between the little finger and the arm. I am still not sure if I will have control of the bike once I start.

    My bike is a CB500X, at the best of times it is heavy for me although if the boxes are empty I can manage to pick it up if I've dropped it.

    I might well just be a wimp but if anyone has suggestions I would welcome them - I think.

    Hope you are keeping well,

    All the Best,

  2. I had a similar injury,finally diagnosed as a distal fracture of the right wrist.Immobilisation in a cast was the remedy,though after 4 weeks of rest in your case any fractures should have healed by now.
    Personally,I wouldn't worry about not being able to hold your bike up,you can allow for the weak grip when you come to a stop,shouldn't affect you whilst you are on the go.
    Also do any exercises the physio gives you.
  3. Thanks for this, Poompui. Maybe there was a fracture but I did keep the wrist immobile. I'll bear in mind what you say about only worrying when I stop.

    I tried sitting on the bike and turning the handlebars. With both it was OK, with the right hand I could turn the bars but with the left hand I couldn't move it. This makes me feel as if I will have no control once the engine starts.
  4. So why not get an X-ray?
  5. X-ray? Are you saying that I should be able to ride the bike by now?
  6. Get an X-ray so maybe you can see what is wrong is what I was thinking.
  7. David, Thanks for the suggestion. But the physio and myself feel that it is just taking time. And it concerns me as I have no transport.

    Of course we could both be wrong. I just wanted to get some idea from people who have had similar experience
  8. G'Day. I'm a clinician (hence biker-doc). My first question would be who assessed you in the first instance post accident? Were you or did you go see a doctor (MD or MBBS) or even a NP at all? I'd suggest that if you haven't that you should.

    Bearing in mind that, if you do or did, then in all likely hood you would/should have a full assessment, including a physical exam, and if the doctor/clinician had any suspicion at all about a possible #, then radiography (x-rays) in at least 2 views would/should be ordered. Sorry, but a physiologist (?) or a physiotherapist is not a doctor (MD/MBBS) or a NP, and consequently doesn't diagnose, not to offend, I'm sure the physiotherapist might have an idea, hunch etc.

    Now in your situation is you have been using your hand, and subsequently your injured wrist, and without a firm diagnosis, possibly exacerbated the injury, or possibly not allowed for full immobilisation of the forearm, wrist and hand through the application of either an appropriate splint or cast, if one was needed.

    The minimum healing time for a # is 4-6 weeks however this depends on the nature of any #, or other injury (you may have suffered a slight/significant tendon injury), and the relative location. Some bones require longer periods of immobilisation. While other injuries (particularly #'s) might require invasive procedures... (e.g. ORIF).

    The fact that you could not handle the CB500X (which I rode for 2 months in Northern Thailand this past Jan-Feb), would indicate that something is still amiss. but hard to make that call over the internet, which is why I refuse to offer services via the WWW -too much is lost from the interaction from face-to-face consultations.

    Now IMO please go seek proper medical advice... and follow it. In the interim, don't go using the injured wrist/hand until you get a proper medical clearance.

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