SPYDER ROADSTER in Bkk until Oct 19

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    I have tested the can am for a day,it looks more fun than it realy is it's a nice rotax engine and has plenty of power,it is a strange feeling in curves it does not lean over so you have the feeling of beeng throwen of the bike/car,it has a nice luggage compartment in the front wih enough room for a couple of beers.

    IT DOES NOT SPIN,that was a bit boring it has anti spin,it steers a bit like a go cart very sencetive,it was very expencive,bet you can have a very nice porche 911 targa for the same price allthough second hand,but on the porche you dont need to wear a helmet ,it was interesting but not realy my cup of tea,in some countries you dont need a motorcycle license as it is classed as a car,so that might be a reason to buy it,you get just as wet on rainy days as with a bike its just as hot on hot days,i frankly dont see the point,motorcycle is a lot more fun,i would buy a harley before i buy one of theese.
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    I think you would look great on one of those! :D I am surprised you aren't on a plane for BKK already. :wink:

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