SR500 / SR400 wanted

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  1. Time to start looking for the new project bike after the DT125 is finished.
    Looking for a registered SR500 or SR400 (in that order). Plate & book must be 100% legal, meaning no "tabian suam", no restamping of numbers as I would like to keep & ride that bike for as long as possible. I know they are hard to find but anyone coming accross such one, please let me know by a post or PM me.
    I will not go for any SRX as they are a little too small for me. No Invoice SR either !
    There was an SR500 last or 2 years ago posted here but the price asked for was just out of a bad film called 'the land of fantasy'.........being inspected by my trusted engineer it didn't even start up.
    Considering the fact that the SR series are such popular models in Thailand I think with a little patience I might find one though with legal plate & book.....
    Thanks, Franz
  2. You'll be waiting for a long time Franz.

    I suggest you put an ad with your precise requirements on (there are 2 classified sections, one for bikes and one for parts), and
    From my experience, those are the only 2 places where you'll have any chance to find what you're looking for.

    good luck
    PS: I'll keep my eyes open for you, as I'm regularly visiting those sites. ;-)
  3. Thanks Mezcal, yep I know this one will be a loooooong wait. Will try to advertise it as you suggested. But I won't loose hope as I managed already 3 legally registered SRX'ses which are more rare. Thanks for keeping an eye on the "SR scene", Franz
  4. Hi Mezcal, many thanks !! A real nice bike with all the listed mods. Unfortunately I have set my budget quite lower, 130k is a little too high for me and I want one where I can spend my freetime in overhauling it before I ride it. Even if I will spend even more than the 130 asked in the advert on a trashed one, I simply want to do the SR 100% before I ride her. Just discussed a plated one in Tak but seller's a little holding back on details and rego proof, told him that I do not take a tabian suam deal is off, that one was around 85k. I will keep on searching. Just looking at there's loads of 'em too. Patience is the essence of SR finds me thinks.....555555......cheers, Franz
  5. Franz, of course I wish you good luck in finding your SR (I just got mine repaired today and I love it more than ever), but to be honest, I think there's no chance to get an SR with 100% clean book for less than 120K. They're just too rare.
    All the bikes with gray books I've seen in the past 2 years were around 90k.

    good luck anyway :)
  6. I'd agree with that.. in the last 5-6 year in website I've never found real green book in price lower than 100k. I've found once about three years ago , The seller put 100k again it was sold out only two days later. I believe Most of the SR Shop owers just bought them and Mod it and increase the price for profit and ruin up market price. If you Lucky enough to find one and get them quicker than all merchants.
  7. Hi Mezcal, well that ad didn't surprise me as it was posted on Thailand's version of "Sing-Sing"............wouldn't buy anything from Samui.............Wish him good luck with the sales, me thinks for this amount it will be a long long very long time until someone who has money like sand will buy it................................
    In another post, got me a nice little new project in the form of a Suzuki DR250, good addition to my old grandma DR650...........SR's can wait at least until prices come down a bit............cheers, Franz

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