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  1. OK guys

    my well supporting wife raise up the question idea that WE (She) want to host house party in our village,,BUT, remember I live in middle of the rice fields BUT i will have local Katoeys to entertain and im sure it will atract lot's of other local girls as well,,,and plan to have DANCE stage and food ofcourse and drinks,,,,

    So WHEN in NOVEMBER would be the good time for you guys and ones we get date sorted then WHO WOULD ride to here and i will check then local accomodation how that would be suitable,,I'm a fraid that we dont have hotels in here and closest is abt 40Km away,,but lot's of small even brand new "resorts"

    let me know so i know how to go ahead on this

    So PLAN is for bike party front of my pharmacy where will be stage and entertainement and drinks and "local" entertainement,,

    i think weekend party would be suitable as im in very isolated area,,,,

    LOTS OF SECURE SPACE FOR BIKE PARKING AND WILL NOT DISTURB ANY ONE,,local police chief will be make sure
  2. Hi Marco,

    I am planning a trip to South Laos sometime in November (probably from 7-21 November) and will either pass through Ubon on my way to Laos or pass through Ubon at the end when going home so yes, I plan to be at the BIG PARTY IN THE RICE FIELDS.

  3. Hi Colin and Auke

    Just have to find out "The" date what would suite for majority,, i dont say ALL as that is mission impossible...

    and then have to check "THE HULIGANS"

    so thats why in sometime in November would be ok,so every one can make plans...
  4. Towards the end of November would suit me. Seems like best to set a date then see if people can make it, like you said you can't please everyone. Could give a miss on the Katoys unless someone specifically requests some of course. :wink: :wink: :roll:
  5. Harri

    You of all (Beside trent) i thought would be ok for Full katoe party,,,ahahahah,,,,well not full but have some entertainement
  6. I personally have no problem with the "entertainment" value of katoys, just that some of the attendees might not be savy enough to always tell the difference between boys and girls and end up with a "surprise". :roll: 8) :lol: Anyway set a date and start organising.
  7. hahahahah

    I just wanted to add..some diference and for a TRENT,,,not that im picking on him,,but he is my best lad and fun so will see what is going on,,,

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