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  1. New +6" braided stainless steel Armour Coat throttle & idle cables. I picked these up for 10" apes, but they're to long. I'm thinking they would be a better fit for 12"-16" apes, depending on the width. 2,600 Baht.
    Only 1 rubber sleeve.[/IMG]
  2. Interested in cables,pls pm
  3. Cables are still for sale. These are +6" longer than stock cables for an 02 EFI Road King. I don't know what, if any difference, for carbed models. The sticker says 45.1". I measured the actual braided part of the cables (between the adjustment nut sleeve and the small chrome sleeve at the throttle body end), it's 44".For my bike with Paul Yaffe bars (similar to 10 "mini apes) they are too long. About +2" would have been ideal in my case. If your bike does not have a nacelle (like on a Road King) you would have more room to divert longer cables. Of course they would be ideal for higher apes.
    Also, there's only 1 of the rubber adjustment covers. I have a 2nd but it's used. Nothing wrong with it, just not new.
    Hope this helps!

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