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  1. There is a point when enough is enough I have arrived. Now normally I'm real Jai Yen about trafffic. I'm used to being crowded by cars ect, just goes with the territory.

    Today I'm going down ring road. Almost pulled into his car saw him my mirror at the last secondand he avoided me. Good Driver, definetly my fault.

    However, the guy behind him aims his pickup right at me and chased all the way across the lane trying to hit me. Where I stand that is an Assualt with a Deadly Weapon. I'm taking that anymore it's happened before I sucked it up.

    Well as luck would have we get to a red light, problem the pickup that tried to hit me was a gray pickup. There were four in a row at the light and I don't know which one.

    But I see a guy laughing his head off, well I parked the bike in the middle of the lane with every intention of dragging that guy out of that pickup and kick his butt for as long as I could. Turns out he was the guy I cut off.

    Light turned green wife hanging on my shirt I was lucky, truth is I'm 62 years old with a bad back. Not a real good diea. but when the adrenline is gong you don't feel pain.

    If I had succeeded I probably would have gotten my butt kicked but I guarantee he would have know I had been there. Then of course I would have went to jail.

    You know I dont get upset about accidents no one is intending to harm anyone stuff happens.

    But an intentional act is different I will no longer tolerate anyone trying to do harm to me or mine being stupid with a car. If I can get to them I'm going to jail.

    I know whats norm here and what is not this was not. Felt bad about the farrang I challenged he was a nice guy.
  2. Ray

    I know exactly what you mean,, i had similar expereince with one driver few mths ago and luckily i managed to drop him of after reaching 160KMh on highway.

    I personally can get little temperamentic in traffic sometimes when there is real reasson abt it and have been wondering IF i should get one of those aluminum baseball pats in my bike,, but again,,my better side takes over and i drop the idea.

    I know that Tony bkk have had encounter with one truck driver in past and he simply kick off that dudes side mirror.
  3. Well I fully intend to start a research project, if someone tries to hit with a car can you arrest him and hold him for the cops. States you can, don't know about here. But I going to find out. If he arrests not your fault then if it can be done.
  4. Ray

    I have sometimes taken pictures of those car plates and make bit of the hand signal that this goes to police and in some cases, im not sure if it has worked but cars has backed off...most of time i have taken of and fast :wink:
  5. I did contact our riderswho works with the American Embassy, the cops and courts as a translator, seems you can hold them for the cops or follow him and call the cops. Probably the smartest thing to do.

    I know one thing this jerk needed to go to jail this morning
  6. It's Friday the 13th, isn't it, Ray? What an idiot!
    I had a similar encounter in the early 80's in Hong Kong. To this day I have no clue why the guy in the car started chasing me up Stubbs Road and quite some distance through Midlevels in the dark of the night. Lucky I had a trail bike, so I was nimble and managed to get away from the jerk!
    But as you can tell, I never managed to forget that scary experience! :x

    Relax, Ray. We will go see you in hospital, but we'd hate to visit you in the slammer! :p
  7. I usually carry a can of pepper spray, a quick squirt through the window at a set of traffic lights should show these type of idiots the error of their ways.
  8. I hate to admit when I do stupid things but I did. One guy I think even I cou;d handle, around here it's the ten cars behind him you got to worry about.

    I think part of the problem is Udon has out grown it's road system, these roads were built when Motorcycles were about all you see.. So people in cars get frustrated. They actually try driving like bikes in the bike lane pusing the way up to where bikes stop at red lights. I may arm myself with the pickup in town Hey fopur years with 20K on it suppose I shoudl drive it some :lol: Save my riding for fun. Don't see much silliness in the country beyond the normal driving stuff. I'm used to watching for that. The intentional stuff that is unusual.

    People are still pretty calm and relaxed out there. Not so much anger
  9. That is actually really good idea,,, and it's handy also. :wink:
  10. That is actually really good idea,,, and it's handy also. :wink:
  11. I know exactly what you mean Ray. SWMBO seldomly lets me drive the car when I am home. I think it because I am use to driving in the desert like a mad man every day but it's really because she knows I am on the edge of cracking from the stress of working and driving like a mad man in the desert. :shock: Can't tell you how many times I have jumped out of the car at the Tesco parking lot in Nong Khai because some stupid commie from across the border is wanting my parking space so bad that they won't let me back out of it! :evil: Like I can drive through a cinderblock wall in my Honda.

  12. That is actually really good idea,,, and it's handy also. :wink:
    If your ever in Pattaya you can/could buy them in Foodland at the pharmacist counter. I got mine about 2 years ago, probably due for replacing.

    I went over the border into Burma at Mae Sai a couple of months back, as I was queueing to be processed I realised I still had it in my pocket. Thought it better to take my chances and just carry on through rather than try and dump it and maybe draw attention to myself, got through no pompen and so thought I may as well take it back with me as well, save buying another can :D

    Another option if someone pisses you off with their driving is to go past them and show them the sole of your foot/shoe/boot. They'll instantly lose face with all the other vehicle drivers/riders in the vicinity. See a motorsai taxi rider do it a while back to a guy in a car, he didn't look too happy about it :lol:
  13. Jesus.... Its bad enough having to cope with the incomptent driving at high speed..... To have some jerk intentionally try to hit you is OTT...... What a f****witted psycho.

    I had someone try and run me down in Phnom Penh once when on a scooter. This was because I yelled to stop him veering into me. So he, having accidentally nearly knocked me off and therefore (in his warped view) lost face, then tried to intentionally knock me off because I yelled at him to prevent him knocking me off in the first place...... Mind you that was Cambodia a while back and its rough..... You didn't hang around to argue the toss lest you got a pistol shoved up your hooter..... Its called impunity.

    I hope your guy in Udon gets his karmic reward and I hope it hurts.
  14. Posted on Udon today:

    One could only hope it one and the same but I coudln' get that lucky, oh shoot grey pickup.

    "Well we had a similar incident here in Laos two days ago. An idiot in a Fortuner tried to ram a bike that he thought cut him off. He was mao of course. The bike swerved and the Fortuner hit a bridge pylon front on. Bike and rider are fine.

    The car is a write off. The driver is currently in Aek Udon. Any of you like to visit him and say hello?"
  15. Defensive indeed..... The only way. Mind you, its the same in the UK. Assume every vehicle is out to get you and you will be 75% right. In TL its the idiocy at speed that is so weird..... Tailgating etc. I was overtaking a truck yesterday at about 115kph..... when someone in the truck's lane but behind thought they might try and nip into the closing gap at the very last minute..... This might well constitute both suicide and murder combined. They were peturbed my yelling and beeping and backed down ..... Not evil. Just plain incompetent and really quite stupid...... What does transform people on Thai roads into such dangerous fools?..... Often farangs here drive the same way. Its bizarre.

    Oh.... and if you do happen to survive alol of them......

    There is a dog with your name on it.
  16. Mine was middling sized...... But wildly unpredictable.

    As you said..... Defensive driving. Also go slow. In Thailand, Laos and Cambodia what looks like a clear road ahead often isn't...... Things just appear.....
  17. The 1 that never ceases to amaze me is when driving a car and I'm in a long line of vehicles in the outside lane of a highway/motorway and the vehicle behind starts flashing its lights at me to get out the way and let them pass. Sometimes when this happens I do pull into the lane to the left, let them pass then pull back out behind them and then start flashing my lights at them to get out of the way now that he/she is stuck behind the same vehicle I was originally stuck behind.

    I honestly think that Thais are often only capable of looking at the vehicle directly in front of them and not what's either further up in front, to the sides or behind.
  18. Thai drivers think they are losing face if another vehicle is in front that why they desperately try to overtake and flash lights all the time ...its a stupid no win situation as there will always be another vehicle in front.
  19. Think baout this guys watch in the stores how they lined up or at some events. Watch the cars at red lights, thye will use the bike lanes. It's no just diving. What I ofyen is wht such a hurry, That I understand. But, intentionally trying to hit yuo I don't.

    You know I say you klnow when you been here to long, when yuor riding at nightt when a bike comes at you at night with no lights, driver on a cell phone, Girl in the back siting side saddle in a mini skirt putting on her makeup and you donlt notice, Guss I need to add one more to that list :lol: Being chased across two lanes to the bike lane

    By the way the reason I know it wasn't an accident cause when the guy missed me finally went right back to his original lane. I have ridden here long enough to understand the norm and ride accordinly. Bettre hope your not day dreaming if it happens,

    I'll take my country ride at least I know what I'm getting into and the people are friendly.

    Envy that is interstign a frien who ha ben here for cloe to r twenty years onwsna cahool and translating service said the same thing. Excpet the Thai's are really feelign the economic pinch, a lot of which they blame on us. T I know one thing that one Thai was sure frusrated.
  20. Especially when you do it with a m/c! That get's them really riled up!

    You can almost see the vehicle jumping around as it can't quite hit 140 kph + and it disappears in your mirror :)

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