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  1. skip

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    At long last we may have some pictures of the Asian ride. The first one is a test to show our basic but effective luggage ties, I promise that the piccys get much better!!australia%20001.jpg
    Rachel and Skip
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  3. skip

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    This is to explain the previous post
    this is the first of the good piccys ..we repaced the boring photo and this one is of the aa in singapore loading the bike at the docks to take us to the causeway
    Theres no stopping us now!
    Rachel and Skip
  4. skip

    skip Member

    This is the infamous Friendship bridge between Thailand and Laos..just another test picture
  5. Craypot

    Craypot Ol'Timer

    Come on give us more. I'm almost certain I saw you two leaving Laos at the border as I was crossing over into Laos. I was on a regular shopping trip so didn't want to bother you. I want to see more of your Lao trip.
  6. scot harper

    scot harper Ol'Timer

    Hey Skip! 2 pics a bit povo hey!!The box brownny should have a few more than that.
    Scott...Ps my wife wont's to know what did you pack?
  7. skip

    skip Member

    Hi thanks for the interest..had major computer probs....but its happening!!! as for what we packed...too much....and thats from me, the wife.We had 2 panniers - oil,tools, innertubes, spare cables, warm clothes, holiday clothes, back up clothes, trainers, there we should have had one change of bike clothes, shorts tee shirt and reefs. Nothing else...everything could be got enroute.All the tools remained packed except those required for adjusting the chain.Never opened anything else. The only thing we needed was rear brake pads...and of course we werent carrying those!!!
    In the soft pack on the back we had more trainers,towels, double sheet, inflatable pillows (never used), mossie net (never used),huge medical kit ..but the reality is that if you can fix it you would need only a bandaid or an aspirin, if you cant fix it you only need a bullet!!!Never used anything except anticeptic to clean a guys head in Cambodia when he was hit by a falling coconut!!!!, paperwork and maps, 2 novels,torch,toilet bag, umbrella,and a bag of cuddly koalas which we intended giving as gifts but for some reason never did!!!!!
    On the front bars we had an extra litre of fuel.
    Thats it and it was too much. The accomm was always good for around $10 a night,we had too many clothes,and all the medical and toiletry stuff was everywhere.
    All our personal paperwork, except for the carnet was on our body belts.
    Seroiusly, we would take much less on the next trip.
    Hope that aswers your questions

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