Stebel Nautilus Air Horn Wiring Loom

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  1. The dinky little horns factory-fitted to most big bikes are little more than a liability. When trouble looms, you want a seriously loud noise to get the offender's attention FAST! I stumbled across a reference to Stebel's motorcycle air horns whilst looking for a new helmet on Ebay. There are many online sellers, I got mine from Motohorns ([email [email protected]][email protected][/email]).

    The Stebel Nautilus air horn draws more power than the factory unit fitted to your bike, but still needs to be connected to the existing wiring / horn button on the bike. Preventing any electrical issues arising requires a voltage regulator and fuse to be installed. The cheapest / fastest way to achieve all this is to buy the horn complete with an "Easy to install Plug'n'Play wiring Kit Included."
    This comes pre-assembled with everything required to connect the horn to the battery, and thence to the existing horn's wiring, and includes a regulator, fuse assembly and even 5 cable ties! I'm far from being a mechanic, but the supplied instructions were well-written and easily understood. No joining, soldering or modifications to anything at all were required to connect the unit up on my Kawasaki Vulcan! It was almost TOO easy, and everything worked the first time!

    NB: Not all the wiring kits for sale are pre-assembled / plug 'n play - some have all the components but YOU have to join everything together.

    The unit bolted to the original horn's factory bracket, and is now tucked neatly away.... The bracket really requires a little "twist' to ensure the horn never quite touches the radiator's protective grille, and I'll get that done before long.

    Field Test:
    The unit arrived the day before the start of our recent 3000 kms trip from Chiang Rai to Koh Chang and back. It took about 30 minutes to carefully install. It proved its worth on a number of occasions - the number of idiots we encountered was proportionate to the distance covered. :wtf:
    - Silly people misjudging big bikes for scooters, and doing u-turns, or street crossing immediately in front of us...
    - Stray dogs...
    - Songtiews, tuktuks, farm carts...
    - Kids on scooters turning out from the left, into the left lane without looking...
    - Etc...

    Overall, I'm very impressed with the volume emitted, the ease of installation, and the value for money!!! :thumbup:

    Highly Recommended as an Essential Safety Item!!!

    Price: From US$55 with wiring kit
    Source: Ebay / Motohorns shop. Twisted Throttle, Amazon etc also have them...
  2. Hi Colin
    Ebay. There are many online sellers, I got mine from Motohorns ([email [email protected]][email protected][/email]).
    Prices range from $50 - $70 with the wiring kit included.
  3. the presentation method is very good because first they explain the intitial things and secong phase it is start to describe the main things whick is necessary to explain it.
    wire loom
  4. I installed one of these bad boys on my Versys about a month ago and fark me is it LOUD!
    I'm quite amazed that something so small can be so loud! :take-that:
    It's so loud in fact that I've put the baffle back into my exhaust, because this horn is all I need.
    The reactions you get when you toot this horn are pretty funny.
    Got mine on Amazon along with the wiring kit- quick delivery, easy installation.
    Let the Good Times ROLL!
    Tony :D
  5. Tony, have you tried it in close proximity to any particularly noisy, obnoxious, local dogs?
    Can you give us a photo or schematic of the way you have mounted it.
  6. In Vietnam they have those oscillating horns, which really get attention.

    I tried to buy a set on my last day but could only find large setups for cars that I would have struggled to mount. I am told they come in smaller setups but didnt have time or local knowledge to get one.
  7. Hi Ben, hi Friends,

    I wonder if you need to hassle and got it from e-Bay or other export sites, just visit Klongtom in the middle of the Chinese area in Bangkok and you'll find plenty of these horms as well as the Stebel, I just bought one for some 500 TBH in July and equiped the Tiger with side car with it... A bluffing effect !

    I tooke also opportunity of my visit to this area to buy a car radio with CD/DVD and MP3 player to be fitted on the Tiger as well.

    For those who does know this area of Bangkok, please note you can find everything you need in terms of tools, accessories, genuine and fake parts, lighting and others. I easily found battery for DRZ Suzuki as I was looking for it in specialised bike shops with no success...

    Aaah these Chinese !!!!!
  8. I have a set of these 5 tone horns on my AT. Absolutely super sound.
  9. Stebel Nautilus Air Horn on Kawasaki Versys-

    This horn is so loud I put the baffle back into my exhaust! :take-that:

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy5:

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