Still no exact details on XT660R release in Thailand

Discussion in 'Yamaha Big Bike Riders Club' started by bard, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. I have been nagging Khun Man forever as I want to buy the Yamaha XT660R as soon as they will release it in Thailand.

    I know of many who is interested in this serious dual sport bike, which is exactly what I would like to have for some upcoming projects. They told me some had asked for the Tenere.... WTF I asked they can just get a Suzuki Wee... Why would anyone buy the Z (offroad looking but incapable bike when you can have a dream bike the R)

    Anyway they still can't tell me which version they decided to take in, and when they will release it.

    I told them, please take in the XT660R then Yamaha will have a niche bike, there are no serious dual sport bikes in Thailand really. We can't get the XR650, DRZ650, KLR650 due to carb engines. The XT660R would be in a market by itself.

    The Tenere is just a silly bike like the GS series from BMW, and as it looks like Suzuki might release the Wee Strom next year in a market with many. The best of them would be the Wee in that case. None of these are really Offroad worthy bikes, so give us one that can give us the XT660R.

    Should they fail to do so I will get a gray imported one for next season.
  2. I would have to Agree with You Bard about the Tenere and the R. In My eyes the R has to be the Better Bike? Same Engine and 40kgs lighter :shock: 660 R is a much cleaner looking Bike :wink: A Party at Yamaha Tonight with all the Big Wigs present so maybe something will be said then :?: Fingers Crossed :!: Trouble is in Thailand they all want the Biggest or Flashiest Bike they make, not necessarily the Best or Most User Friendly! :roll:
  3. Hey Bard, You calling my bike silly. Its gloves off next time we meet man :evil: :evil: :evil:
  4. See how different our wishes // preferences are....... :lol: I would love to lay my hands on the XT660X Motard version 8) !! Asked Yamaha to deliver me their first 'X' which they promised if they can get it in. Cheers. Franz
  5. The R is the one, you can put motard rims on it and voila two bikes in one. Worse to go from the X to offroad. Hence it's an easier sell with the R later on with 2 rim sets, you score 2 markets.

    Sorry John the intention was not to slag the GS, just in my humble opinion the quarter ton bike is unsuitable to be off the road in Asia, hence I referred to it as silly (choice) as the Tenere due to heavy weight. Should you ever want RTW they are great, but bashing around on trail and makeshift bridges it's a silly choice, pardon my poor English ability as it obviously came out wrong.

    The XT660R is still a bit heavy but 40 kg's less than the Z, and have a great range on the tank. Just bash plate, barkbusters and go. Motard rims and play there as well. Awesome bike, I have nagged Yamie to get one nownow but we'll see.

    Alternative is the BMW G650X Challenge for 603k baht, 144 kg thumper with 53 hp looks very interesting too. I hope Yamie can come out right above the 500 mark and I will be first in line buying one.
  6. As said Franz: "wishes // preferences"...

    It's why brands lines up are so extended... in Western countries at least.

    I know of some guys who tour SEA with just some kind of Honda Dream/Wave or Kwaka KSR. And it's their preferences...

    And don't hold your breath: Yamaha will introduce here in LOS just what they think it's better for their "wallet"...

    Well IMHO
  7. OK some good news finally

    I was with Yamaha Riders Club in Bangers who looked at the Cardamom ride videos, they were 100% pumped on this and asked me to arrange a tour with streetbikes to S'Ville then rent dirtbikes and blast bokor hill. This is very promising and will hopefully drive more dirtbikes to Thailand.

    Anyone I asked with real experience tell me the WR250 is THE 250, the XT660 is an awesome bike X or R.

    Will post the tour and arrangements when I finally manage to do it, will be January as I need a greenbook for my new streetbike.

    Join, have fun and nag nag nag for these bikes as Yamaha bosses will join the ride, as they really wanted to do these kind of rides themselves it could really drive this.
  8. Bokor Hill ? Not sure if that is possible as the road up is under construction and access is often denied - see ... hp?t=11174 for some info.

    Maybe the local GT Riders (Bill, Dancing Roads or others) can shed some light on it.
  9. Yes the Bokor Hill station road was closed when we were in S'Ville, but the trails into the park (not the ruins) was open last time we were there. Will check up with Dancing, Leng and the others who ride there.

    Cheers Bard
  10. Just had some smalltalk with Sales at Charoenmotors CNX, seems the XT series did not pass the emissions tests in Bangkok. so that leaves us with no new bikes from this side of the Supply Chain. Might really need to start looking for a used F650 or DR650 until Yamaha or KTM manage some imports......
    On the other hand do I really doubt now that the emissions test was a hurdle, maybe pricing, maybe there have not been bikes for tests at all, sometimes it is hard to know what's true and what's not but one thing became clear: no XT for the time being.
    Sad sad story, FR
  11. Just got confirmed from Tum what was stated earlier. No XT's//WR's this year, maybe next....... :evil: :evil:
    Being told that, good choice in getting the DR650 this Saturday :p , then all discussions & rumours are done for me, will just go out and enjoy riding......
    Might if satisfied with the DR not give any of the importers any more money from my side and stick to the oldie then. How's that saying: ''Once you loose a customer, he's gone for good.......''
    No more 'would-should-could' then............
    Cheers, Franz
  12. Franz
    I thought your future was going Orange???
  13. That's still on, as an Austrian that's a Must........ :mrgreen: but I don't expect this to happen too soon :? , nothing in 2010 I guess :wink: , but for the time being I won't get anything more than I have already. As not clearly said before this no-no does include now bikes I had and still have in LOS.....
    Final would be as posted in the KTM thread the 990 Adventure and the 690 Duke R, one for long tours, one for chicken & Tiger chasing up North..... :twisted: . Cheers, Franz

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