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    Oh life was sooo wonderful, Chiang Mai, the HU meeting, meeting you in person , putting faces to strange code names, my drive up North, many curves , a dream of freedom, cold night in Phrae and then today, direction Fang, climbing the 2nd highest mountain. Dont ask the name now I m too frustrated. The climb from the 107 is 25 km. Steep but not so steep that 100cc bikes didnt manage. But the honorable Pico had to give up, what a loss of face. Must be the transmission belt, that didnt gripp anymore at km 10 so. Noticed that rpm was steady at around 3000, only when starting it went to 4000. As if the tran smission never went into the nonexisting 1. gear. God Im so frustrated, what of my plans to do the GT loop??
    You think that G3 has experience with this type of transmission??
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    To add to my shame , in the Hotel recommended in Davids book in Fang, there are 2 BMW 1200 from Singapore, they certainly don t have a problem
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  3. ducatidave

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    What are you running a scooter? if so they are unlimited numbers of racing clutch belt combos you can get for it. tons of aftermarket for scooters.
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    After meeting you and seeing your motorcycle at the HU meeting you certainly have nothing to be ashamed off. Like we said, just the fact that we are "out there" is half the fun. "Ducatidave" has a good point. The belt drive scooters are really the rage now and there are a lot of shops in Chiang Mai (other places too I assume) that are modifying these for racing and just showing off. I am sure some of the guys at G3 or Sa Moto in Chiang Mai could really help you out.
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    As SilverhawkUSA says, just being there is half the fun, Mrs TJ and myself are riding around on a Honda Dream 100cc, and are having a great time, done the Samoeng loop, and Chiang Dao abd shortly off to see the elephants.

    For the HU ride with the 'Big Boys' the other day, we hired a Phantom 200cc which was fine for keeping up with them.

    I have a friend here who has a bicycle and gets around everywhere on that, does Samoeng Loop in 4 hours.....

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    Yes being there is half the fun, but what to do if between hill No 15 and 16 you cant neither get forward nor back. You can walk back my range is limited to a few km.

    The Hill was not the 2nd highest only the 1300m DOI ANG KHANG coming from Phrao.
    Will try G3 or Sa Moto .
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    Let me know if you need someone to go belt shopping in BKK.


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    After some hesitation I made it without hickups to Mae Sai.
    Thanks for offering help to
    John the mechanic /photographer
    Mike Rust

    Perhaps the first step before deciding to go back to CM is
    if John would be so kind to contact G3 or others
    to see if they can really do the job, do they have any experience ??
    Would hate to be the guenny (?) pig. Cant afford repated visit to the shop. To take the Silver Wing appart, to undress the girl is a task in itself.
    Dont have any instruction book here.
    And we take it from here, does this make sense ??

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    In Mae Sai go and see Chad at Chad guesthouse.
  10. tropicaljohno

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    I am back in Phuket Sat/Sun let us know if you need me to see Rhiney or anyone else...

    just got into Bangkok now

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