Stolen Africa Twin RD04 - guarded underground parking at my condo

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  1. Not sure if there would be a point offering a reward? Will some guy keep riding it, or do they part it out like in the UK? Think about how to protect your pride and joy!

    Disaster and opportunity are the same sign in Chinese. which bike am I gonna buy next?
    Captain Slash's KLR 250 looks capable and a good deal. (Top speed is not important than there might be a herd of cows standing in your way round the bend. Or some pickup is driving on your side of the road)

    In the past, I considered the Tiger Boxer 250. But when I got to ride it, I was not impressed.

    Does anyone want a Kawa KRR 150 Serpico with issues which will be shared openly for 5 grand in Nan?


    Attached files 275521=8094-AF%20Twin%20002. 275521=8095-AF%20Twin%20007. 275521=8093-AfricaTwin_750cc. 275521=8096-Kawa%20KRR%20125%20Serpico.
  2. Known issues:
    Clutch is okay after some adjustment, but may need future attention.
    Odometer is not working. Stands at 64,xxx km
    Side fairing is not only scratched but also has a weak part which may fall off one day.
    The all new tires are not a Western brand.
    Needs the right mirror (someone pushed it onto glazed tiles and those were so slippery... It fell over and the mirror was broken.

    Spent more than the asking price on service and repairs:

    New battery & tires
    tank lid, oil tank, some hoses and break and or clutch cables etc.
    Wheel bearing.

    The engine is much louder and metallic sounding versus a NSR 150's. Am using the black SHELL 2-stroke oil and always treated her gently and warmed her up and never whipped her. Got a good frame, and I trust the engine is good - that's why I bought it in the first place.

    My wife wants me to lose it if I buy a new one.

  3. Here are some more photos:

    Attached files 275523=8097-IMG_9502. 275523=8098-IMG_9504. 275523=8100-KRR. 275523=8099-KRR4.
  4. Sorry to hear about the stolen AT... maybe your missus has some contacts to the BiB and make them work just a bit harder to find it?
    In any case , was it theft insured? Not sure how meaningful on older bikes...i never had one(insurance yes, but not theft insurance) on my recently sold Virago 750.

    If you seek for a new bike the KLX250 may suit but you may also await the CRF250L which should be available by March. I thought you had eyes on naked Bikes?

    I am also looking...but as friendly advise , whatever you do don't buy yourself another old bike again.... you seem the be an ex-scrapyard manager :) with quite a few hopeless bikes that you had in the past and had someone else to pay for fixing it ( its a complete different story if you fix the bikes yourself...but you know by now that good mechanics are not easily found) .

    Umm, what was wrong with the Boxer 250 that you rode? Tiger will launch the F4-150 in February with the F4-250 coming available afterwards too...i am looking forward to see these bikes ( they go back to the old design when the Bike was Cagiva labelled , which i liked more anyways)

    happy trails,

  5. Chris, sorry to hear this. Your bike the Africa Twin was stolen from where - your condo, in Nan?
  6. David, looks like it was stolen from his Condo's parking in BKK...this info i now found from his post on TV Forum.
  7. David, thanks for asking. It happened at Udon E-San Bike Week 20-21 January 2012 a few miles from Don Mueang airport, off Tiwanon Road.

    Reinhard: I promise it will be a better bike next time around as I am having all thumbs and am mechanically challenged, as you know.

    BTW, if the Kawa was bad, I would rather break it than gain a reputation as a seller of junk bikes.

    Regarding the Tiger Boxer, it's engine felt rough after the Honda single which I had been riding at the time. It seemed to lack power, too. Which might be utterly unfair coming from a fat guy riding a 250 cc single for the first time. ** What are you riding these days?
  8. Hi chris...the Boxer's 18hp are actually not so bad i found...with the engine it does have a rough sound but i have done longer trips on it without much probs...but what suits the one doesn't have to mean that it has to suit the other .
    My ride at the mpment?
    It's a Tiger "PGO" Gmax 150 ... an excellent Auto-scooter :) (done 1600km so far) and my Tiger Retro 110C(see pics of both , below) ...will add a manual geared Bike again but i'll wait and see what we get available

    Attached files 275537=8115-My%20gmax%20150%20(Large). 275537=8114-xmas%20retro.

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