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    Yesterday my Kawasaki Z1000 was stolen here in Chiang Mai. Had a Malaysian guy 27 years old call me late last night to enquire about it. Met him this morning at Airport plaza where he agreed to buy it. He then came to my house early afternoon by taxi with evidence that a 3rd party payment had been made from his Malaysian bank to my account here in Thailand. I had told him that he could not take the bike until funds were cleared later this week. He did ask could he take it for a spin in my mooban for a few minutes. He left me his Malaysian ID card. That was my big mistake, the SOB never came back! Waited and waited but nothing. Tried many times to call him but he's turned off his phone. Have since reported to the Police but I doubt they will do anything. The guy speaks perfect English and as I've found out is an excellent con man. Claims to have a Thai wife and young baby. He works as an interpreter. Photo of bike attached and thief's I'd card attached.
    Keep yours eyes open for this Z1000 and share this post with as many people as you can. Any help would be appreciated. 0831957700





  2. Bloody hell. Very sorry to hear this.

    I hope you can get it back.

    The scam sounds like the same one used to steal bikes from triumph - ducati on Cnx a couple of years ago.

    I'm sure the region 5 police would like to know about this.
  3. They do this sort of stuff in Malaysia all the time and now in Thailand too. Very sorry to hear. I am going to share on social media, hopefully someone comes forward with helpful info.
  4. Just a thought but where did you advertise the bike? If it was online, the webserver would have a log of the IP addresses of users who viewed the advertisement. If he's not using a VPN you may be able to track down his house or the cafe he frequents. If he viewed the advert on a mobile device, you can get the device ID from the network operator and tracking him to within +/- 25m. Good luck!
  5. Good news, the bike has been retrieved and Malaysian guy and his girlfriend have been arrested in Fang. Although I still don't have the full details yet, from what I do know they were spotted and photographed opposite a PTT station last night in Fang. They did manage to get away but with help of some local young bikers they later tracked the bike down in a Fang hotel carpark. The guys from immigration 5 sent a team and caught the prick in the hotel room around 3 am this morning. They are now almost back in Chiang Mai with one of the officers riding the bike back. Now just waiting for them to call us. Will update with more info later this morning
  6. Great news. Congratulations. Let's hope the culprit stays inside for a long time
  7. So lucky mate. Glad you got your bike back, and the @$#& has been caught.

    Nice looking bike by the way.
  8. Excellent news, hope your bike is all ok.
  9. Malaysian guy is behind bars pending the court case.
    Z1000 back home now.
    Regardless of what sentence he gets, sooner or later he will do it again. He has a long history of similar offences.
    The immediate support and help offered by the biking community - both Thai and Farang directly led to his arrest, for that I thank you all
  10. ^excellent result... glad you have your ride back. Hope all is well with the bike etc.
    Keep in mind fake documents, photoshop etc, all can be used convincingly against the unsuspecting. A real deal would have either cash &/or willing to accompany you to a bank etc. Money talks, BS walks... (just make sure they don't ride off with your pride and joy)
  11. Good news Gary, you're very lucky to get get the Z1000 back. Happy to learn everything positive and theft behind bars.
  12. Bad story with a happy ending and a great lesson for us all. The more information we have about the con man’s tricks, the easier it is to be vigilant. Now-a-days the risk to be cheated online, skimmed at an ATM or robbed with bad tricks is, unfortunately, growing everywhere. Last summer, when I was filched of valuable equipment in a “SWISS” train I would have loved a warning from someone that this can happen!

    So it’s good for Garry and good for us all to apply even more caution.

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