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  1. Some rotten ******* has nicked my old reliable CBR 150 from out side my guest house, it is silver with the number 31 on the plate. If anyone spots it any where give me a call 0871796944 and i will do the rest.
  2. Sorry to hear of your loss...........I will keep my eyes open! :shock:
  3. It's probably in parts already...
    When my CBR150 went missing, I called in the police, then had to go to the station, it took hours for the report. They kept the green book and said they would inform the department of motor vehicles that the bike was stolen.
    A month later they called me, they've found the frame, picked very clean, even the stickers were gone, under a bridge. It took a lot of time and paperwork to get the frame released; when I asked for the green book, they refused to give it back. No matter what I said, they wouldn't give it to me. I guess the only way would have been to get all the parts, put the bike back together and then apply at the DMV for the book, including the engine change.
    I then asked them under which bridge they found the frame...
  4. Hope you find the bastards. But for next time, a disk lock is the best money I have spent for peace of mind and only takes 15 seconds to install. I think they should have them at Makro for a good price there. ... 3&pid=1199 For a light machine like a CBR150, may not be the way to go since 2 guys can lift it into a truck in 30 seconds.

    May have to resort to locking to poles/pipes etc. with something bigger like this ... 0&pid=1095

    A pain in the arse but unfortunately bike theft is a growing problem. My insurance rate doubled when I moved to California. Asked why and the agent said theft rate is crazy. Bikes end up in a Mexican chop shop the next day, or if it is worth keeping intact, over the border. Organized theft rings are rampant here.

    I suspect the same over in Thailand as big money is possible and if 8000-10000 BHT/mo is still the typical Thai salary, the incentive is pretty strong for the dark side.
  5. Bastards indeed!
    Had a TZR250 nicked by a couple of kids 10 years ago-caught up with them round the corner when a neighbour spotted them - they dropped it and ran!! Slow motion horror..
    Hope you get lucky.
    Does David still look after your place at night Jon?

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