Stopping visa run abuse a good step

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    Bangkok Post

    Not about biking but has caused a stir recently in the Expat community.

    They did something like this about 5 years ago.. everyone panicked then with in months it all calmed down again.

    The point I like best in this article. Crack down with no improvement in the process for those that want to or are legitimate.
    By the time you finish signing the documents your signature looks nothing like the first page when you are at page 70 or 80 of the forms and counter signing.


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    And the quote from the chief of Immigration, according to the Bangok Post, is that the crackdown has occured because of visa abuse by Koreans, Russians & Vietnamese.

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    I have to agree. None of us appreciate foreigners in our own countries abusing the system so we shouldn't too whilst here in Thailand. I know that as foreigners we get nothing in return for staying here in terms of health care or government benefits but we have made our choices. If we don't like it then we should choose to live elsewhere. Long-term residents are not tourists and shouldn't be using visas designated for those travellers to the Kingdom.

    I remember the changes in the law 5 years ago well as I was working in Vieng Chan at the time. I was a Tesco Lotus tourist to Nong Khai but the long-term residents in Thailand had abused the system sufficiently that all suffered - shopping trips had to be planned with military precision!

    We know Thailand's not perfect and tough times are ahead when the ASEAN employment laws come into affect next year, but life here is good for us, let's never forget that! :lol:

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