Strange Happenings in Phuket Bike Shops

Jun 21, 2006
Thought it was about time to check out what's for sale in some of the shops here on Phuket.

Went to Ride Thailand, the main Harley dealer, and they had an XR 250 and a yellow 650 GS on the forecourt.

The XR 250, plated is 135,000 and was told that the yellow GS 650 was not for sale, but they had a black 650 GS out the back for sale, plated, 2006, 350,000 baht.

Next it was along to TP Motorcycles. In the Phuket Gazette, their advert reads quote: "WE CAN SHIP YOUR BIGBIKE FROM ANYWHERE TO THAILAND AND REGISTRATION"

So I iasked the girl in the shop, who spoke good English, how much to get a plate for a bike, she said 30,000 baht, and when I said I not want to grind number on frame, she replied saying that no no, this is legal book. (Strange as everywhere else its basicaly 35,000 for recycled book, and around 50/60,000 for new book)

I then got my GF to ask in Thai and got the same answer, the girl had a sheet with all prices on. So next we went into their 2nd shop, next door, and asked the price on a 1,000cc bike, the salesman there seemed a bit more knowledgeable, and when I asked for the price of the plate, he said 'Oh, 80,000 baht', when I mentioned that the girl assured me it was only 30,000 he replied saying she didn't understand. I then said to him, that if the girl didn't understand, both English and Thai, she shouldn't go around giving out prices.

So we left there, and on the way home drove past Ride Thailand and there is the yellow 650 GS parked outside, with a For Sale sign on it now.

So this morning decided to check out Ride Thailand's web site

They have 2 1200 GS's for sale

Yellow, 8,000 kms, reg BKK 1
Blue, 20,000 kms, reg BKK 1

As the say T.I.T. This Is Thailand
Mar 11, 2008
Wheres TP motorcycles ??

Just searched 4 online gazettes and the site itself and cant find thier adverts.

Looking to find out a price to legally (not recycled) plate a 400 bandit, any contacts or leads would be great.

EDIT :: Just found them linked in the 'big bikes for sale' thread.