Stripped the Hog

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  1. From this:


    To this in 4.5 hours

  2. Woohoo! That's good fun isn't it? I know you need your tank fixed or replaced. What else do you have planned?
  3. Aluminium swingarm, wider and taller rear wheel, lighter wheels, nickel plated frame, and new paint
  4. Oh, I always Liked Your Harley how it was, So Cool and Fast!!! I will be interested to see the Re-Born Version!
  5. now thats my kind of a nice dyna.Metmachex swingarm?cant wait to see it finished.
  6. The nickel plater after wasting a week decided that it would not fit into his tank so the frame is now powdercoated gloss black

    Aluminium rims and hubs are now bought and awaiting spokes from Buchanans in the USA
    Ohlins piggyback shocks ordered
    Will try and get the engine back into the frame this afternoon
  7. Decided on the Paintjob / Colour yet?
  8. Not a custom job like last time but monocolour
    Orange perhaps, or maybe steel grey

    Lots of time to decide as I am off to Canada in a couple of weeks and it will have to wait until I get back as the front wheel is now 17 from 19" so there is custom fitting for the mudguard
  9. Great looking Dyna, what year is it?why did you pull the rocker boxes,you going to powdercoat them also? What are doing with the 13 spoke mag rims? Have you done any motor work like cams, big bore I trying to get something sorted with my Dyna streetbob.
  10. It started life as a 2000 Dyna Sport
    A "bit" of motor work that I did myself - dynoed at 123 rear wheel HP from 95 inches
    Rocker boxes were removed in order to remove the engine without scratching anything. I likely could have done it without removal but re-installation is easier with the boxes off. I lay the engine on the primary side and lower the frame over it - easy.

    I think that I will keep the stock wheels at least for now

    All the bits are now in hand or ordered including the swingarm from the UK and awaiting my return after my holiday in Canada
  11. Nice front end Hoghead! I know you did some motor work already, but I'll throw this out there anyhow. I have a couple different sets of performance cams (install tools if needed) that will fit your bike, some KB 95" pistons/rings/cylinders, 16" tires and more I'm sure. Sell, swap or whatever.
  12. I am happy with my Headquarters cam and have had it in 2 different engines now. The key is that I have REALLY big heads to make the cams work

    New wheels are 17" aluminium wire rims on alloy hubs, replacing the 16 rear and 19 front. I think I will get Richco to powdercoat the rims and hubs gloss black with the spokes polished SS

    That front end is Ceraini/Stortz and seems to perform quite well and far better than other HD inverted front ends that are designed for looks only. My only comment is that it is not externally adjustable, so once I get the new Ohlins piggyback shocks on the rear I will re-evaluate the forks with an eye on new Ohlins RT forks. If I do change the forks the Ceraini front end will be for sale but that is not an inexpensive undertaking

    The rebound adjustable Progressive shocks in the pic are for sale. A pretty good shock, but after riding Bungies with the Ohlins I had to spend the big bucks. Is it worth 1500 USD for shocks- time will tell

    Thanks for the parts offer and please keep in touch. maybe a ride when I get home the beginning of October?
  13. could you fit a set of ohlins cartridges in your ceriani forks?could work out a lot cheaper.Those cerianis are lovely
  14. Apparently not, or at least not off the shelf. It can be done but the development work to do so makes it cheaper to buy new forks

    Yes they are lovely and you should buy them!
  15. Sounds good. I pm'd you my #.
    I recently did a wider 17" rear wheel conversion on my Road King and am happy with it. With all this rain I think she's going to be on the lift again soon.??? I have a 6 speed gearset that wants in and some other misc things.

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