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  1. Hi guys this is my first post on the forum and I've got a great little conundrum to start off........So in Jan this year I completed the Budapest to Bamako rally on my 2008 KTM 690E I had a friend buy for me in Hungary. Great rally, great time but never again..... I'm an Australian living and working in Myanmar for the last 18 months and decided to take the bike back with me. I had it shipped to Bangkok and rode to Mae Sot with the hope of crossing the border(I was given the wrong info on how it now works) and had to turn back to Mae Sot as I did not have the correct permission to bring it in..........So what to do next??? I know that there are "black" and "white"ways to get the bike across the border but I am looking at the legal option as i don't want future problems. So what i need is an import permit to bring it into Myanmar but I have no idea how to obtain one and my temporary import permit expires on the 10th Aug. The bike is still registered in Hungary and in my friends name(I have the relevant docs to permitting me to ride it) and I'm half thinking of selling it as its becoming more of a hassle now.....not even sure I can do that.

    So does anyone have any advice or ideas about my situation and can help???? Please......


  2. Hi and welcome to GT Rider.

    In order to enter Myanmar on motorcycle you need to contact local travel agent (Myanmar) and provide them with itinerary, personal and motorcycle registration details. I advise you to contact this company:

    Myanmar Dawn Light Travels & Tours Co.,Ltd
    Room E, Building No. 653 Zarni 14th St. No. 9 Ward, S/ Okkalapa Tsp
    Yangon, Myanmar.
    Tel      : 95 9 73066837, 95 9 49338769, 95 9 43024115
    Fax    : 95 9  73001067
    Email : [email protected]<wbr />, [email protected]<wbr />com
    Website :

    The contact person is Mr. San Hlaing. He is government appointed minder for these kinds of trips and owner of the agency above. He was one of the tour guides during the road trips I organized.

    Please be advised: it is not cheap and your ride will be escorted. You can't ride around on your own unless renting the bike over there.
  3. I can't really help with this but as you are living in Myanmar you may need to check with the Myanmar authorities (Customs, etc.) what is needed to legit import your KTM into Myanmar. The system Goran describes works for tourists who want to visit Myanmar (in and out) but you want to keep the bike in Myanmar.

    I do know that importing a bike into Thailand (other than a "Temporary Import" like you have done) is very difficult and very costly (you have to comply with all kinds of rules and regulations including emissions tests, etc.) and I assume that the same may be valid for Myanmar.

    Best bet might to to try to sell your bike in Thailand but as your bike is registered in Hungary that might not be easy.
  4. Thanks guys, I am have found a legal way into Myanmar but registration might still be a problem. I might have to garage it when (if) I get it there and wait for the country to catch up!
  5. If you decide to sell let me know. My 950 likes company.

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