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  1. I've seen all the docs on this website for Laos. All I have at the moment is the paper of conveyance, I don't have this laisser-passer document nor any other documents. Now I hope I really got all the papers I needed.

    The Officer in Paksahn, told me that's all I need, but I remeber a couple of years ago, it was much more than that, so I just wanted to make shure everything' s right. Maybe you know something more then me.

    Cheers Rudi
  2. Rudi
    No border is the same. Where are you exiting? Sounds like you have some papers and this is better than no papers.
  3. well I planed leaving thru Nong Khai, if not probably Paksahn again.

    Thanks Rudi
  4. Im riding to Laos this april..
    Thru Chiang Khong/Houei Xai...
    I read the trip reports(too many,so its hard to gather specific info)...and i presumed its two forms.(TM2/TM3)
    Thru this border,what papers will i actually need?Just to confirm..
    Any payments to be made?

    Im from Singapore on a Singapore-registered motorcycle.
    Going solo.
    Hopefully someone can enlighten me on this.
    Any other tips will be greatly appreciated...
    It will be great if someone can explain in detail the steps to cross into Laos.
    Thanks a million.
  5. I had no docs at all and worried a little, but leaving wasn't a problem.
  6. Thanks...
    Any other tips/info anyone?
  7. YUNUS I JUST COMe back from loas entre at houa xai/chiang kong and out at
    veintane at nong kai ,
    what u need is get a proper document from loas ambesy at ur country..tell how long u need to stay in loas and where u wanna to go.pls photostat u bike
    paper and ur pasport.....
    my group 4 bikes no much question ask and no money needed from their custom we only pay 600 bath for police with a their ambesy paper the custom and police just cop and sign.they just say to us VIP.

    We meet davidgt at the hotel for buying t shirt and loas map..thanks david for
    ur humble and cooperation meet us at changmai..c u later. :shock: :D

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