Stuff up's come In three's

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  1. jonadda

    jonadda Ol'Timer

    They say things come in threes lets hope Im out of the woods now.
    Stuff up #1.
    After playing a gig at Eutopia restaurant, we were invited to kick on as you do, after a full night of consuming what ever, jumped on the honda dream laiden with two guitars & one big Norwegian, we thought our selves fortunate as the rain had just stopped, almost home i looked down at my watch to see what time it was, a parked car must have drifted out from the curb (or some thing like that) swerving to miss it resulted in a front end wash out and me skating down the road on my elbow, the cut wasnt too bad but the infection that followed has cost me a heap in doctors bills.
    Stuff up #2
    Eager to get on the road to ride up to Mae Sai I noticed my leather bike pants had a hole in the seat, so i slapped on some contact adhesive glue and placed them in the sun to cure while i finished breakfast, all duties done i donned the leathers and took off, I didnt get too far when i realised my arse was on fire from the solvents in the glue, I ran into the G3 motor bike shop reefing my pants down demanding a damp cloth, after trying to explain my situation 3 times i got mt damp cloth and all was well much to the amusement to the guys at G3
    Stuff up #3
    Went to buy a CBR 150 for a little run around bike, grabbed 10,000 baht to put down a deposit and another 3,000 to go and buy my wife a leather riding jacket she had fallen in love with, went and paid the deposit and took off to get the jacket, negotiated the price, went to pay and the wallet was empty, (first thought) S**T i must have handed it over with the deposit, I got on the phone and called the bike shop, "no you only give 10,000" feeling like i had just been taken i flew back to the bike shop claiming i knew what i had and this matter will not be forgotten and a few other gestures and comments i went back home to get the money to pay the balance and pick up the bike, started to count the money and" WHOOPS" 3000 baht more than should have been, armed with two large Chiangs as a softener and my tail between my legs i went back to pick up the bike and eat humble pie
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    If I understand it all correctly, these all came in a week - so what a week that must have been?
    Glad you survived & are back on the road, riding, playing music & enjoying life.
    Dont forget the final MotoGP this Sunday at the Downunder Pub with the giant screen.
    After the race & suitable consumption of amber fluids you & Pikey can jockey for pole position exiting down the steps.
    See ya there.

    Keep The Power On
  4. jonadda

    jonadda Ol'Timer

    I guess Geoff didnt realise that being a spectator of Moto GP could be almost as dangerous as being a competitor. May I suggest that next season we find a venue a little closer to the ground.

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