Stung Treng-Veun Kham border crossing

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  1. I am planning to enter Laos at Stung Treng-Veun Kham border crossing around Dec 2007 and will be riding a Cambodian registered DRZ400

    I need to know if they now issue import papers and insurance for the bike as I want to be legit whilst in Laos

    I believe that previously, motorcyclists at ST-VK border were allowed entry by the very casual Laos customs with no permit/insurance issued for the bike but this could lead to problems when exiting at a more formal crossing or in the case of an accident etc

    With the road/bridge upgrade nearing completion I'm hoping that the customs will also get their act together.

    Anyone been thru lately?
  2. Came thru Laos to Cambodia about a week ago, the bridge is complete and even lighted at night but not open for traffic.($5 bribe to get across) The road from ST to within a few kms of the border is excellent.The road coming south to the border from Laos is a bit confusing. Coming from Cambodia it should be OK.

    ST to border is a straight run, 6 kms before the border the new road stops and you turn left(signposted) Cam Immi on left customs on the right at the border, both are just timber buildings slightly off the road. Beware the customs guy is always looking for a bribe. Lao customs was first but when I came thru I had already stamped out of Lao at the river, but asking the guys there it seemed like you could also stamp in/out along the road also. Between Cam and the good road on the Lao side is about 8-10kms potholed old road winding thru the forest.

    Can't actually say if they do the proper papers into Laos as the bike was stamped out at LaoBao(Viet) and nobody asked for the papers and we had the Thai export OK and ITP stamped. I'd be prepared to say you could get some paper work that would make it easier further up the road if the need arose, like to buy insurance etc further north. Good Luck.
  3. OK, sounds like nothing much has changed since I went thru VK to ST Dec 2006

    Question remains, are they setup yet to issue a permit for my Cambo registered bike when entering Laos from Stung Treng

    Perhaps ,as you suggest, insurance can be sought further up the road, probably at Pakse
  4. Report in todays Vientiane Times is that Lao-Cambo governments are going to make the Lao-Cambo border crossing an international border. This should mean that it won't be to long before you can get visa on arrival to Laos at this crossing and the roads will be all fixed.
  5. Craypot, thanks for the tip off. ... sage/13867
    Laos, Cambodia to open international border checkpoint soon
    (KPL) A ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a new international Laos-Cambodia border checkpoint was held on 17 October under the presidency of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Laos Dr Thongloun Sisoulith, and his Cambodian counterpart Mr. Hor Namhong.
    Present in the event were the governors of Champassak and Strung Teng (Cambodia), along with the local authorities, people and the representatives of line ministries.
    The ceremony is of very important and historical significance to the relations between Laos and Cambodia and opens a new era of cooperation between the two neighbours, said Dr Thongloun.
    The construction of the checkpoint coincides with that of the road linking Road No 13 of Laos and Road No 7 of Cambodia, which will strengthen the communication, trade, investment and tourism of both countries.
    The border checkpoint is also to enhance the economic co-operation of the regional countries, especially the East-West Economic Corridor and North-South Economic Corridor, which will particularly help Laos shift itself from a landlocked country to a land-link one.

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