Stung Treng - Vuen Kham border.. VOA ??

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  1. Having been into Cambo with a visa on arrival I was pretty relaxed about this, but I just read that not all border crossings offer a visa on arrival and the Laos / Cambo borders are possibly the more hit and miss.. Some of the data is pretty old postings now tho.

    Just want to check or get any current reports. Planning a Laos to Cambodia direction crossing in a couple of weeks.

    Of course also important is attitudes to bikes crossing. Fully legit Thai regged bike in my name.

    Not expecting issues but would be nice to have a confirmation.
  2. Please let us know how you get on... I'm planning to do the reverse soon on my Cambo registered bike.
  3. This is dated info...based on my 3-4 year old trip, entering Laos from Cambo.
    At the time no VOA was available at Dongkralaw (Laos), so I obtained one at the Laos Embassy in PPenh, prior to leaving Cambodia.

    HOWEVER...last year I found and posted, somewhere on GT-R, a map of Lao entry points.
    In case a search on GT-R doesn't find it, below is a copy of that map.
    According to the map, you _can_ now obtain a Laos VOA at Dongkralor, which is just north of Stung Treng. Evidently the Immigrations posts for Cambo and Laos have been significantly upgraded since I was last there.

  4. This is probably a little late, but I will chime in anyway.

    I have entered Laos from Cambodia at the Vuen Kham border with my Cambodian registered motorbike (125cc) and returned the same way 2 weeks later - entering Cambodia from Laos at the same border crossing. This was in June 2010.

    The bike is mine. Bought used in Phnom Penh. The registration card is in the previous owners name, but I have the contract that shows where I bought it and who from (with thumb prints and all.)

    VOA was available both ways. Had no problems whatsoever. Just gave the papers to the officials on both sides, they took care of everything. I payed for the visa and the necessary paperwork for bringing the bike into Laos. Can't remember the exact sum, but I think it was something like $10 or $15 for the bike...

    Be great to hear if anyone has been through there since.
  5. I crossed a few days ago, and there is VOA on both directions.
    I took my Thai registered KLX and had no problems at all.
    It’s an easy, laid back crossing with no hassles.

  6. VOA entering Cambodia $23.00. You need one passport photo.

    VOA entering Laos $30.00. (for Australians) You need one passport photo. Customs is 3kms up the road.

    Also to make things run smoothly, take plenty of one dollar notes to pay for stamps etc on both sides. (ink is expensive in this part of the world)

    It’s probably best to simply pay the one dollar for the “health check” doing so may avoid any hassles with customs and immigration.

    The new Laos immigration building currently under construction.

    And the old classic that’s made out of two railway carriages.

    On the Cambodian side they have a new immigration building being built too, but work looks to have come to a halt.
  7. Crossing this border from Laos to Cambo with a Viet bike tomorrow. Will post how it goes later!
  8. Thanks Adam29, you're moving alomg quite fast then. Good luck & take care.
  9. Thanks for the great info, I plan a road trip next months from Malaysia-Thai-Lao. Thinking of going Combodia, just need to find out more information about border crossing in Cambodia.

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