Stupid blind f****wits!

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  1. So there I am sitting outside the Kafe when a car pulls out from the soi on the right and knocks my stationary bike over...... Did the stupid blind retard say "sorry" or "I beg your pardon?"....... No the teutonic fool said "Yah. Ziz is in Thailand Yah. Anysing can happen in Thailand Yah?"

    He was bloody lucky not to discover that getting brained by a crash helmet is one of those things. He didn't even help pick the bikes up.... Kafe staff did that.

    Some people should be denied driving licences, passports and definately retirement visas.
  2. well it could happen anywhere mate
    i live in a quiete town
    but still have to look out for cages....
    they are out to get us.....
    thats just part of biking....
    dont like it.. but that how it is.
    hope your bike is OK.
  3. Did you not INSIST that he pay for the damage no matter how small?
  4. Calmer now..... Indeed it could happen anywhere.... But elsewhere the perpetrator is unlikely to say something as stupid "This is Dulwich. Anything can happen in Dulwich" ....... What a blockhead.

    The mechanic adjusted the forks which arn't bent or anything thankfully.... Cost me nothing but a 40 baht tip. And no I didn't get him to pay. I should have done. You are right.
  5. Hi Dan

    You are one lucky guy as it cost you only that much,, i would mostlikely paralyzed the guy as when my PANZAR WAGEN falls,,, i'm lucky if i can managed under 20K, in somehow German Plastic is very expensive..

    I'm really happy for you that it was minor damage.
  6. Happily everything was very minor for you. With my karma I'll take that kind of stupidity anytime over a moving accident. I had to teenage girls on a scooter take out my front wheel on my new KLX while I was in the middle of a righthand turn with my signal on Friday afternoon in a very sleepy rural village in Nong Khai. Road rashed the heck out of my knee and right side of my bike. May have to strart wearing pads even for short rides now. Could have been much worse I reckon.
  7. At least he did not run off like the Thai who knocked over my Ducati causing 15,000 Baht damage
  8. Monsterman

    That is reall typical for thais and in some part every where if on thinks that shehe is not seeing.
    Same happen to us when we had accident on 120km/h and car turned front of us,, we got damaged and lad just continue speeding even (i think he got way more damaged) and not stopped.

    But again, this is how the things are going on here and we just have to get use to it.

    In now days when i parked my bike i usually "try: to park it in the place where i can see it all the time especially for short stops i.e. coffee.
  9. Jerry, got your Monster fixed already ?? At least you got back ok from North. Marco's right, we have to get used to how things are done here; I accepted that a long time ago.......... Had to repair broken handlebars, blinkers, scratches on my car, bent bumpers and so on many times without even knowing or seing the culprit, good that in LOS mechanics are cheap................cheers, Franz
  10. What I've learned during my time here is to stay relaxed,or as relaxed as possible, like cursing the st*p*d s*b under my breath while avoiding eye contact. If you've tried to get the guy to pay, and he seemd to be some cretin from a remote bavarian mountain village, things probably would have escalated, and maybe you'd have to pay his medical bill later.
    Sometimes I shake my head about myself because I flipped off some 60 year old farmer who almost ran me off the road in his '72 Datsun Rust Bucket and had no idea what he did wrong.
    Just take a deep breath, walk away.
  11. God..... Yes, I read the thread about the Ducati getting rammed by the hit and run pick up in Khao Yai. Amazed you got it home without the clutch. Must have been a nightmare..... And that's before the repair bills. What a crap end to what otherwise sounded like a fun trip at the best time of year. Hope the bike is all fixed up now.

    Indeed the guy did stop which is too his credit..... It was the smug stupidity of the comment that wound me up. I think I would rather he had run off. ....... And yes indeed. Thank God it wasn 't an actual accident at speed. Thankfully in 25 years of motorcycling around the globe, I have been spared that..... Never to be complacent though. It only takes one. Especially in this country where the cars are so unpredictable..... Touch wood.
  12. I am In the UK , i got urgent call to go to work spent 55,000 baht on a ticket and then the job was cancelled after i arrived in UK , no refund of expenses ...Cunts! ..Yep I have all the parts to fix the bike but now i am trying to sort out the work problem.
    so XMAS is officially cancelled now.
  13. Jerry, good to have your baby back in perfect condition, once you're back give me a ring, we (Dougal, Craig-Esib, Thawee, Ed, CDRW and all others) will do several rides in the coming months. I will be up north late next week. Cheers, Franz
  14. Hi Jerry,

    Remember that we canceled our X'Mas trip to Thailand thus we stay in France and you are highly welcome during X'mas/New Year time in Paris.
  15. Good news ....I think i have another job starting monday in Dubai for 4-6 weeks...actually more money and it will be warmer working in the gulf than west of shetland at this time of year so it looks like things will end well .
  16. To celebrate i will get the Monster 750 out tommorow and go for a ride as the UK weather is not so cold for a few days may get to 10c until sunday so i can test out my new Airoh flip face helmet.
  17. I haven't mastered that part yet.
    I'm still at the 'pointing and giving the finger' stage.
  18. That can be very dangerous . . .
  19. Ths coming from a man who rides in shorts, no helmet and with his arms outstretched! :D
  20. That's a risk I can calculate - but a message to all copy cats: do not to try this at home, I'm a twained professional! - Yeah, right.
    On a more serious note, flipping off a Thai is more difficult to calculate. It can result in severe damage to your person. Sometimes they act first and think later, I've seen some Thais REALLY loosing it, like turning into a red-eyed maniac within seconds.
    Also it's not polite in any country...

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