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  1. Mae Hong Son area can I expect ice on the roads in the morning hours?

    I have seen weather reports indicating there is already ice in some areas. I assume it clears fairly rapidly as the sun comes out.

    I have seen ice in the Palm Springs desert area before seems to clear by 0900, sometimes a little longer in shady areas.

    Not something I want to ride on and I'm in no hurry.
  2. Weather forecast for December is a low of 12 to 14C at night and early morning and up on the mountains 5 to 8C.

    Frost has been reported before on top of the mountains.

    What you can find in the early morning is fog, low lying clouds and damp roads.
    I've not heard of ice on the roads here but...................

    Once the sun is up of course no problems. Guess the secret is not to leave too early. I believe our FL Dave Unk has good advice on that. :lol:
  3. Not an early morning guy anyway so no problem there :lol:
  4. David, did you read the post from Peter ?????? :shock:
    Keeps you laughing eeehhh ???????? :cry:
    Peter, ever heard of Davidfl getting up early in the morning ???? :oops:
  5. Yes & its cold now that makes it even harder!
    But late wake ups only happen in Cnx due to the hrs I have to keep welcoming Madam Meow home late from work every night.
    On the road it's different, most of the time. Ha. Ha.

    Now back to the "ice" yes in the cold season you do have to watch the road more. It does get dangerously slippery in many places where there is thick shade or the bushes / vegetation comes right down to the road. Oily dew / condensation drops onto the road & just waits for bikers to come skidding right into it!

    Asphalt Roads
    Cold Season
    Cold season water seepage can make some asphalt roads damp and slippery. This often occurs in well-forested areas and is noticeable in the mornings, mainly on the Mae Hong Son loop; but it can also occur on the main Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai highway (specifically 55 kms north of Chiang Mai, on a sweeping left hander), as one rider found out on the way to Laos several years ago.

    I also think that the Thais call this stuff "Nam Oi". Watch it. It's deadly & just like ice.
    And as it looks like we are in for a ripper cold season, you do need to take extra care in the morning, & even early afternoon.
    Keep you an eye on the road surface & when you see changes in the colour, take a bit more care, because it could be treacherously slippery. The slippery stuff is usually darker (looks like oil) & glistens because it is wet.
    If you’re not sure about this, then when you see some, stop, take a look, walk on it & feel how slippery it is.
  6. Thanks David better safe them ruin a trip

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