Suggested Route to Kanchanaburi/Songklaburi

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  1. Hi all, I'm planning to ride my bike from Sa Kaeow - Kanchanaburi then on to Songklaburi the following day, any one suggest a steady ride/route (avoiding BKK & surrounding areas) at all cost. No time limit as such and oh yes..the bike is a Steed 600. All serious suggestions considered, cheers
  2. tiswas-

    I can't give you recommendations to get to Kanchanaburi, wrong end of the country for me. BUT when you go from Kanchanburi to Songlaburi be sure to stop at "The Tiger Temple". It is 38km west of Kanchanaburi before Sai Yok.

    It was one of my most memorable experiences while traveling in that area. I just put a new page on my website about it if you are interested. .
  3. Great web page Silverhawk. I've been before to the Tiger Temple & as you say the 'feeling' is extraordinary being next to the tigers. I'm a regular to Kanchanaburi but before I used to live in Chainat but since moving jobs to the Sa Kaeow area have not attempted a ride from this neck of the woods.
  4. Thanks. I was in Kanchanaburi last year during the rainy season. I cheated and drove my truck, but it looks like a lot of areas could be explored by bike.

    I also enjoyed Hellfire Pass but I am sure you have done that already if you are a regular to the area. Maybe you can give us some tips on where to go.
  5. Yes, been to the Hell fire pass although tired out after trecking back up what seemed like an eternity. Last time I went on the bike I went to Sai Yok as there was a bike meet there. Good riding around that area, met up with big Eric & the Nomads from Pattaya who were on the way up to Chiang Mai. Sai Yok seems to be pretty popular for bike meets etc. That's why I want to go further and take in Songklaburi & the three pagodas pass. I've been before when I took my car but not yet on the bike. If anyone goes up there be sure to pop in & see big Jimmy the American book store holder, he's a great guy & if your stopping over he's got a fridge full of beer waiting for you.
  6. I lived in Sangkhlaburi for a year a few years ago. One stop not to be missed is Sangalia River, on the way to Three Pagoda Pass. The water is clear, you can rent a giant innertube, and eat very good food at "Moo Tong" (Golden Hand) in a little bamboo hut IN the river. It's on the right, after the bridge over the river.
  7. Cheers Grrr I'll see if I can find the (Golden Hand, Mur Tong) Last time I went to the 3 pagodas pass I stopped at the resort on the R/H side just before the PT station. 300BHT a night for a bungalow. Very nice place Sangkhlaburi, looking forward to getting the bike up there for a trip round

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