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  1. Hi guys

    I'll be riding out of Cambodia via Koh Khong / Hat Lek border (21/9/09) and will stay overnight somewhere in Trat or Pattaya (no fixed plans yet).

    I may need to ride to BKK to ship my bike to Hatyai on Fri (25/9/09) and then to ride home. This will enable me to have a couple of days free ie Tues to Thurs.

    Maybe guys can give some suggestions where to spend the few days...BKK not my liking.....maybe some smaller towns...Kanchanaburi or etc.



    Lip Meng
  2. Kanchanaburi is a nice place to hang out but it's not in eastern Thailand, nevertheless it is relatively close to Bangkok, about 1 and a half to 2 hours away if memory serves me right. Another alternative a similar distance south from Bangkok would be Hua Hin/Cha Am.

    Why would you ship your bike from Bangkok to Hat Yai ? why not just ride it, you could stop at Hua Hin, Chumphon, Krabi or countless other places on the ride down.
  3. Hi Penetrator

    Thanks your your suggestion. I've rode the route from BKK to Hatyai during May 08 on the way back from north Thailand and also drove the same journey late Nov last year whereby Survanabhum Airport was closed due to the protest.

    Now again last minute, my leave for 3 days from Wed to Fri has been cut down to 2 days by my employer. I've no choice but to ship back to Hatyai by lorry from BKK and ride home by Thurs evening as to report for work the next day (practically insane).

    Nevertheless, I've about 1 day in Pattaya and 2 days in BKK before I catch the early morning flight to Hatyai and ride home.

    Perhaps Pattaya could be a place of interest as I've not been there yet while I've stayed before those places you've mentioned.

    Hopefully I can ride again to eastern Thailand within the near future.



    Lip Meng
  4. Pattaya aint pretty ,,, but it has a lot of interesting things .

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