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  1. How about this? Both locals and visitors alike sometimes want to buddy up with others for a daytrip or a bit longer. If we had a subforum where people could post their proposed trips in advance with dates and loose itineries, others could look and see if they wanted to join?

    The obvious stumbling block is that you get a bunch of buddies or people that gel, then one right w*nker that either can't or is unwilling to ride to the group or other person's style, or is a bullshit artist and spoils the trip....

    Feedback anyone?


  2. "S"pikey, good idea ! David that's something new and on a day to day basis could work out fine. "Spikey" is just an indication to the sentence under the proposal........ :lol: , cheers, franz
  3. Wednesday 4 Feb Tesco Lotus - Kamptien/Superhighway @ 09:30

    I will be riding 1001 to Buatong Waterfall, possibly go on to the back of Mae Kuang & gaze at the disappearing road & then retrace a little back to 1323.

    Over to Mae Ngat and then visit the developing and spectacular Wat Densali Simueungkaen - or to most folks, "what is that massive blue roof thingy wotsit you can see from across the valley?"

    A short return to the 107 and then back into Chiang Mai.

    I will be riding this route, hopefully with Kenyam and Boo and if anyone else fancies a short relaxing trip getting back into town early afternoon, then you are welcome.

  4. [The obvious stumbling block is that you get a bunch of buddies or people that gel, then one right w*nker that either can't or is unwilling to ride to the group or other person's style, or is a bullshit artist and spoils the trip....

    Feedback anyone?


    I think you just answered your own question mate....meeting new people is a good thing though....I think the ride we did in July was the most eclectic mix of guys I've ever ridden with....we had some fun though !!
  5. We are in for next wednesday ride cheers Ally.
    Pikey your idea has alot of merit however you would have to think up a few basic conditions first, examples could be; Bike condition, age and experience of rider, Drugs and alcohol condition of strangers while riding, team leader and tail end charlie therefore a minimin of 2 experienced GTR, Thai mob phone number exchange for safety contact. You would need to impose a few condtions to ensure your own safety but not too many therefore make the whole experience a positive adventure. I have been on runs with strangers back in Aust which I did not repeat as a day ride was 750Km's and often at speeds well above 200 kph, anyhow good luck, just suck it and see Pikey.
  6. Ally, good to post but unfortunately I am still in the shop so will miss out on next week's wednesday trip. Enjoy it.

    Ken, know what you mean but I doubt if there will be hoardes of bikes on any of these type of trips and I am not a fan of riding in big groups (4 or 5 max normally). Your "rules" are sensible and like you say, we'll just suck it and see. I see it working more for daytrips such as you and Ally plan rather than multi-night runs where people who may have read the board and decided to come to the GT area and rent a bike can hookup with likeminded souls for the day. I often get asked about this at the shop and have to say "no" but fix them up with a map and a few ideas instead.

    The point of my post was more to see if it was worth David & Ben creating a subforum specifically for this type of thing but I think FL is still in Laos so we'll have to wait.


  7. We have actually been doing that for two years here in Udon, we use an e-mial list and post it on the forum as well.

    It work but as has been mentioned matching up riders is difficult. I'm a slow rider so the guys end up waiting at corners for me and some others. Not much fun for them nor us since we don't get a break at all :lol:

    That is a real problem and I really don't know what to do about it.

    I sit up a slow ride the last time and posted the speeds we would be going. I actually thought one othre guy would show up and about six guys did. Of course after safety brieing a general idea of speeds and road condition we would be dealing with I go right out run over a dog :lol:

    Of course everybody was in the right positions and no body ran over me not all bad :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I still think it is worthwhile thing to do. What seems to be happening now is guys are graivating more towards others that ride in the same manner.

    Thats good really.
  8. Personally I think that this will just generate a lot of talk & few trip reports, which is what I much prefer to see.

    It seems to me as if there have been quite few posts from riders looking for people to ride with, but they get few replies or generate few trip reports. So why give it's own sub-forum?

    However I think we could give it a go, but starting with a sticky...
    Up For A Ride - Who's In & Coming ... html#29683

    I've started it in the Any Messages Section, but there could be one in each region if it proves popular.

    Any ideas from you Bkk guys if you want your own regional Forum "Bangkok & Around" or something similar? Is there enough demand?
  9. Worth a try out of 40 riders usually seven to ten show up. Three seem to do trip reports.

    But you should have a lot more participants.

    You gave Issan a thread and I'm very grateful for that.
  10. ... t5169.html

    Hhmh? Confusing already - time for a rethink, next week when I get back?

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