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  1. For all you fans of Sukie, his 2nd Dream Chaser Trip is all go & they are on the road now. Filming started 2 days ago in Tak.
    You can follow him at

    3 Cheers Sukie, you're doing a great job to promote motorcycle touring in & around Thailand.
  2. The first blog is up ... ml#topnews

    Sukie got off to a flying start on the dirt in Tak....

    I thought only Honda Honky & Big 'n Tall did stuff like that above.

    Anyway, Sukie's now in Laos, somewhere between Luang Nam Tha & The Vietnam border at Dien Bien Phu.

    Go Sukie go. I bet you're having a great time mate.
  3. What are they doing with the Big Touring Bikes??? Are they running two Tours together Road and Off Road? Best stick to the Road Bit looking at the Photo :wink: Did Honda Supply all the Bikes New or are they Second Hand?
  4. Don't have the full details or know all the ins & outs, but it appears as if they are using both the XR400 & a CBR1100XX, & are swapping bikes for various stages.
    I think the CBR1100XX was in Samoto for a service a few days ago!
    Last night he was in Luang Nam Tha, & was on the XR400. (I think.)
  5. Sukie is just crossing into Cambodia at Anlong Veng.
    May 6 he crosses from Hat Lek to Pattaya.
    There's a party night in Pattaya May 6.
    May 7 there's a group ride from Pattaya to Suan Lum night bazaar in Bangkok. All are welcome to join.
    Stay tuned for more.
  6. Here it is...
    Latest photos at
  7. I see it will be televised on Thai TV

    Woder if they will dub it in Thai, or perhaps, hopefully we get the pleasure of hearing it in English
  8. Did he make it into Vietnam ??

    His route map shows that...
  9. Yes he did, but you have to wait for the blog write up
    & the TV show to start. It should be a beauty too.
  10. Good blog and great writing.
    I'm rather envious of him having a Blackbird to get to Tak, as it is a deadly dull ride.

    Haven't heard about the "infamous Pink Route" off-road from Tak to Mae Sot.

    Have our intrepid off-road aficionados, Team Muppet, ever ventured down this dirty pink highway??

    It may be a rather well supported & funded trip - which may diminish for some the element of the adventurous unknown;
    but if Sukie gets more Thais into off-roading/enduro adventure touring, then more power to him.
    Good for Sukie!
  11. Very interesting Blog. Great to see Adventure riding (new twist with a quiver of bikes, haha)getting some press. Best of luck to Sukie.

    Many a dirty pink highway has been navigated by the muppets, some even on the bike. I'm perusing Google earth right now looking for ways through from TaK to Mae Sot. Not done off roading out that direction.
    Great fodder ole Google Earth when you're on the mend.

    Hats off to Sukie for a great Blog and pics.
  12. Great blog but would love some more detail on the logistics..

    Seems he got over into Vietnam fairly easily ??

    The following morning we started of early for the Vietnamese boarder. Again it was a scenic route with many river crossing and once in the mountains we were literally driving through the morning mist. At the Laos/Vietnam border we had to walk the bike across the boarder. I asked the guards why and he said it was to prevent criminals and drugs smugglers from quickly driving through the checkpoint.

    The Tay Trang International border crossing has just resently opened and I was told we’re the first Thai ever to use this crossing. Right away you can feel we were in a different country.
  13. Tonight's the night.
    Sukie's show Dream Chaser starts on Thai TV Channel 3 at midnight.
    You all stay up & watch now.
  14. Stayed up and watched it. It started late 00:10 and was mostly about the logistics and the selection of his riding partner. No English subtitles so I was left picture-watching but still easy to follow if you read the blog first. Next week will be better as they will be on the road (and off!)



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