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    This composite track was my summer touring holiday in June/July 2010. My GPS device is an old Garmin eTrex Venture. Each separate colour represents, more or less, a day's push.

    All tracks are in the Google Earth kmz file and can just be dropped onto GE. A timeline bar appears and the slider tabs have to be fully 'separated' to view the complete duration.

    The trip began in Chiang Mai with the usual trundle around the Samoeng loop to make sure everything was in order with the Mr Mechanic bike. I can't remember all the routes and variations but zooming on Google Earth with the Roads feature set will reveal all. However, the basic path was:

    Chiang Mai to Phrae - Yellow (south)

    Phrae to Kampaeng Phet - Green (west)

    Kampaeng Phet Suphan Buri- Red (south)

    The plan was to head south to visit friends in Bangkok but to keep off the main Rt1. It turned out to be a long, hot drive along the southerly routes west of Rt1, mainly Rt117 and then continuing along Rt1072. After that, I followed easterly routes to Suphan Buri.

    Suphan Buri to Bangkok - Yellow (south)
    Rt340 South continuing along Rt9. This is a relatively short journey but hectic. I learnt to drive as fast as everybody else and keep my closing distances short or they would be filled or used as gateways to other lanes. Very unlike UK driving and good fun for a while.

    Bangkok to Suphan Buri - Green but overlayed by the previous Yellow going south. I stayed in Bangkok a couple days and then it was back up north to stay in Suphan Buri again.

    Suphan Buri to Si Thep - Red (north and east)
    Quite a long but interesting drive to visit an old uni friend. You pass the huge gold Buddha about 4.7Km from Wiset Chai Chan on Rt3195. It's an amazing place with a fabulous temple and huge painted statues depicting scenes of war and terror. A must see.

    Si Thep to Loei - Yellow (north)
    Loei is one of my favourite places to visit and this time I got lost in Lom Sak. Zooming the GPS track shows a few false starts before getting onto Rt203. Heading for Loei you pass the fantastic scenery near Phu Kradueng along Rt 2016.


    Loei to Phitsanoluk - Red (west)
    The plan was really to head for Nan by trying to keep to the back roads but I got totally confused in the Chat Trakon National Park. Shown in yellow is the Thailand/Laos border. I had expected to head east from Loei and then up north following the border. I suspect the roads I tried to follow was a typical route at some point but then reconfigured to make it a nice drive in the park (it was). Nothing matched - the roadside markers, my Thai map on my netbook and the paper map. I ended up doing a big loop around the park before cutting my losses and backtracking. One day I'll go back and sort it.


    Phitsanoluk to Mae Sot - Blue (west)
    Mssing Nan meant a change of plan and so off to see the Thai/Myanmar border. The GPS tracks cross over at this point with a short common stretch on Rt101.

    Mae Sot to Mae Hong Son - Yellow (north) with a change to green at Mae Sariang.
    It's a long hack this but nice to start the MHS loop going round the other way.

    Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai - Red (north and east)
    The usual route through Pia and a completely new experience to do it clockwise. Fresh twisties and new sights.

    Also shown is a short GPS spur up to Doi Inthanon. It was a miserable day weather-wise but still good to be there.

    Overall, a good tour.




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