Sunday Roast Ride

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  1. The Euro Diner has been putting on some excellent Sunday roasts, so with a MotoGP (Brno) on again this weekend, why not get together Sunday 14th August for a roast at the Euro Diner then do the Samoeng loop to end up at the X-Centre & watch MotoGP?

    Good idea?
    Anyone interested - "Roast 'n ride?"
  2. If the MotoGP telecast starts at 4PM, meet for Sunday roast at the Euro Diner at 1.30PM???
  3. count me in, it's good to support our fellow bro's.
  4. Too right Tom, I will be there
  5. Well the Sunday roast was huge :clap: :clap: I could not eat all of mine, such that I forgot to snap a photo.

    I did however manage a couple of the loop with the 3 other riders - Tom Forde, Liam & John G.



    all of which brings me to MotoGP (were we were headed to, the X-Centre)
    & the next photo of Stoner testing the 1000

    Yep elbows down, he obviously likes the bike & feels somewhat comfy on it!
    Photo from the crash net site.

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