1. Hi Guys

    We are already a group of 5 to 6 friends who ride on Sunday to Khao Sok, Phang Nga, Krabi etc... Few times a year we are planning overnight trip and we do not drive crazy and if you like to join us no problem. Contact me via email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email].

    Safe ride.

    Pascal :happy3: :happy3: :happy3:
  2. Hey Pascal,

    Welcome to the site....hope to get back out with you again soon ...I've been in Oz for a month , so keen to get back in the saddle. Cheers Noel
  3. Hi Noel

    Hopefully the weather will be nice with us, just came back one week ago from Malaysia RAIN, RAIN and Rain AGAIN.

  4. Hi Pascal

    I think my group came across yours few times in Phang Nga. Also based in Phuket and ride somewhere almost every weekend.
  5. Hi Goran

    Normaly this coming Sunday should be ok, where is your meeting point usually, us we meet at the shell station after the heroines monument @ 9.30.

    Hi Noel

    Are you coming on Sunday? :happy3:
  6. We usually meet at Kwang Rd, long straight road connecting two Chaofa roads, 2nd trafic light after Ducati showroom (coming from Central) - turn left. Sometime we do meet with other guys at Shell gas station you mentioned.

    For the upcoming weekend, not sure what other guys plan to do, we all getting ready for organized ride to Samui on 11th. Will ask them and let you know.
  7. This coming Sunday the tour is confirm, we could be a minimum of 2 for the moment.
    Meeting point 9.30am @ Shell station, we will decide where to go at that time.

  8. Hi Noel

    Did you get a belt for your back, On Sunday Tero on BMW 650 x country and Melvin on BMW 1200LT are coming.

  9. [photobucket:2t8qss96][/photobucket:2t8qss96] IMG0102A. /IMG]
  10. Hi Pascal,
    I would like to join you guys sometime, I live in the Cherntalay area and ride a Triumph Bonneville.
  11. hI Dave

    Sounds good send me a message via sms to my mobile number 0878896074 and I will store it. Most of the time I sms all the guys around Thursday for the coming Sundays and they give me a sms answer before Sunday as "I am in or can not make it"

    Cheers :happy1:
  12. Hi Pascal,
    I work offshore so am in Phuket for a month and then work for a month, will sms you when I get back from this trip early July..

  13. Hi Dave

    Ok keep in touch

    Cheers :take-that:

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