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  1. Trip started in Chiang Mai, Tha Thon - Chiang Rai- Houay Xay - Pak Beng- Muang Khoua - Boun Tai - Na Mor - Namtha - Muang Sing - Xieng Kok - Xieng Dao - Muang Meung - Houei Xai - Chiang Rai - Thaton - Chang Mai .

    We used a trail near Wawi turn left through some Yao village down to the Mae Kok River. In a village a shaman prayed to the spirits.


    Came down to the Nam Kok


    Over the hanging brigde by Yao Tai


    Ferry to Laos


    The best noodle soup on the road to Pak Beng. Nearly 60 km behind H. Xay short before a long bridge.


    On th road to Pak Beng


    A very interesting temple on this way - a rock temple.....



    The ferry over the Nam Ou in Mounag Khoua to Vietnam -


    In the aera of Phongsaly are many Akha minorities. Our Akha friend from CNX was with us on tour. It was very interesting when he translate some stories to us. He say here is his big family and he has a lot to talk with them. In 1 village the Akha looks very poor and skinny. One Akha woman talk with him. Then she shouting in the village: Hey everybody come here here is a big fat Akha man with motorbike. He translate to use - very funny. We start in Mouang Khoua to Boun Tai nd than to Namthan. A long way and not so easy and many brunch.



    The road between Udom Xay and Nam Than is always under construction. We came out from off road in Na Mor. After 10 km we wait nearly 2 hours because the road was closed.

    Good room and good foot and a cold beer in Nam Than. Next morning we sstart a very very intresting trip.

    Namthan - Muang Sing. Xien Kok - Houy Xay. Nearly 290 km.

    Muang Sing Xieng Kok easy, but many chinese trucks this morning.


    Xieng Kok - Xieng Dao

    Than the best I ever ride in 16 years in Laos. Deep jungle -nice few to the wild Mekong River nearly 15 km than we
    come to a long bridge. After this bridge the road was under construction but nearly finish. I think in a few month the exciting road to Xieng Kok its also under construction. Beware not so easy for some one. A lot of deep mud on this way. You need good tires and experince for off road.








    I forgot to make a picture from the bridge. Only I make a video clip. This was a very very wild river under me - whow.

    After the bridge the road was slippery but easy.


    The long off road ay from Xian Dao to the main road to Houay Sai has many good fiews. But its not a road for not good riders.



    17.oo we arrived in Houng Say. We stay in the best hotel in town. Next day we drive to Chiang Rai too repair 1 bike. Than we start a trip I never used 7 years ago.

    Chiang Rai - Ma Salat - Thaton. The road is down. Its only a single trail for motorbike riders with good experience - tools- spare parts and so on. After C. rai by the waterfall neaarly 60 km ... 100 % . Come out bhind Wawi road.


  2. Hi Angkor

    seems that you had a good time!

    we will do part of your trip in the beginning of february. but clockwise: beginning with Huay Xay - Xiang Dao - Muang Sing - ....
    I hope the muddy part that you described will be more dry as the dry season goes on!

    and the part between Wawi and the Nam Kok river is also on our watch list.
    I did the area north of the Nam Kok river 2 years ago. Very nice area.
  3. 2 Wheels, thanks for reply the bikes are privat bikes from CNX. Next week we ride again with some friends. Some more different roads.
  4. This is a view from the bridge between Xieng Dao and Xieng Kok.
    The "wild" river was not so wild when we travelled that road in february.

    Very good idea: take a short bath in that river below the bridge, as the river is coming out of the jungle and is probably clean and not polluted.
    Nearby Mekong river seems to be very dirty and polluted!

  5. can't see the pics... :-(
  6. don´t know what I am doing wrong, seems I forgot how to post pictures...
    I am not sure if it works this time:


  7. That´s the bridge

    and thats the river for swimming (dry season only)
  8. Must be missing something, to me looks like a frog in a ice cube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Sorry,

    I can see pictures clearly. I see no frog.
    But I entered words "frog in ice cube" in google. it got me some information that imageshack (the place my photos are stored) has some problems with some websites. maybe that is the reason why it is not working.

    If nobody (exept me) can see that pictures: I can´t help. Don´t know what to do now.
    Then i will delete my postings, if possible.

  10. Hey angkor1
    Thinking of doing a similar trip this January. How long did it take you to do this ride?
  11. i can see most of the pix

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