Super Motard Project from a Kawasaki ER-6N

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  1. Hi Friends,

    ....I have a Dream....

    More seriously, I can get from an old friend of mine, a second hand Kawasaki ER 6 N for a gift price in mint condition, however I would like to have your opinion on transforming it into a "Super motard Duke Style", with a pair of hypermotard wheels + tires, a large handlebar, a nice exhaust for a "pof-pof" great sound and changing the transmission ratio with a shorter sprocket...

    What would you think of such prodject, please comment.

    TonyBKK I know you are a a great specialist for this bike, could you help and comment ?
  2. For me you'll have to change more than the wheels, the sprocket and the handlebar if you want to achieve something close enough to a motard.

    Again I'm not a big fan of extremly modified bikes myself, I think the engineers studied the bikes to be "at is", adding performance parts on a bike is something, changing the way it was made is another story.

    Best way to go IMO would be to stick the engine onto a frame that suits motard style more tho.
  3. I think it's a great idea, and on slippery tracks I've already seen guys more skilled than me "backing in" their ER6n's and doing foot-out motard-style turns. Really fun to watch!

    The ER6n is a bit heavy and stock brakes are a bit weak, but brakes are easily sorted and you can cut quite a bit of weight depending on if you plan to keep it road legal or not.

    Throw a bigger sprocket on the back and/or a smaller one up front and you have a great wheelie machine.

    Tons of aftermarket bars too choose from- really a question of what you like. Dirtshop has a wide selection of Renthal bars that look the business.

    I'm actually running D-Tracker bars on my ER6n now because the clip-on bars I had before aren't allowed in the R2M Supernaked Series-


    They are wide and quite straight and frankly I hate them, but oh well, they work... just ;)

    What else is needed for a super-motard?

    I've never owned one so am a bit ignorant of what else make a bike a "motard".

    I've seen ER6n's turned into track bikes, stunt bikes, and dirt bikes, so why not an ER6n Motard?

    Go for it! I look forward to seeing the result!

    Tony :)
  4. Azoulay, aren't the French the inventors of super motard...?!

    Enduro are ideal for supermoto but street bikes would need longer-travel suspension.

    Maybe parts from the Versus would be the easiest?

    Tony, the pitcher looks like you're going left in a right turn! ;-)
  5. Hi Friends, Hi Lordofthedreadz and TonyBKK,

    Thanks for your comments and encouragement for the project...

    In fact, I didnt expect Super Motard was a French speciality, I would much more see it as an American or Itlian one, but if you say so...OK.

    For me a Super Motard Bike for me should be a mitigation between: flat track, motocross and road racing, it's like an all-star game,
    The motorcycles used are frequently custom-created combinations of off-road motorcycles and road-racing wheels/tires, known as 'supermotard' bikes. Speed is not the only aim, but velocity, agility, wheelings and

    A very good example of Super Motard Bikes is the KTM 690 SuperMoto

    So for my transformation of the Kawasaki ER-6N, I would rather see:

    -A large Renthal handle bar with Acerbis hand protection
    -A longer fork (why not fron the Versys) with lower protections
    -Some scratch pads here and there
    -A soundy Akrapovic exhaust muffler for the "pof-pof"
    -A very short transmission ratio with a smaller sprocket and a bigger chain plate
    -A pair of wheels with relevant tires

    yes, for the brake, if the stock from the ER 6-N is not enough, I could double the disc or try to adapt some larger disc(s).

    I will also try to work on the weight of the bike but the important for me is to get a bike which is light, which could take incredible angles and which can wheel easily.

    Hope to find some interesting second hand parts at red Baron...but I am not in a hurry
  6. Supermotards are usually thumpers (single cylinders) for better torque at low revs... The ER6 is quite a revvy engine if that matters to you...

    Probably easier to start with something else, but sometimes it is fun to play with what you have...
  7. Right, the 650 Ninja twin isn't the perfect engine for dirt either, but some are happy with their conversions.

    Supermotards have been bested by hypermotards - with up to 1000cc twin cylinder engines.

    Aprilia builds a nice 450 V-twin.

    A 650 parallel-twin would be unusual but that's what I like about the idea.

    Of course all the bodywork would have to change for less weight and the right look!

    Can't have that dual seat on there, and the shape of the stock tank is too "street".

  8. Hey, just joined the site to post in this thread, I am thinking of doing the same which is how I came across this thread. I think what you may be looking for is this:

    Note, not my bike, I got the pics from another forum.

  9. Nice pics NinjaVince, that er-6 SuMo looks great & very unique. I got to test ride the latest er-6 last month & was surprised at how heavy the bike was to throw around at low/medium speeds!! I don't really get the HyperMotard thing but that er-6sm certainly looks the part.
  10. yep looks the part that one,, only thing that i dont like is the clocks/dash, this would have to be changed to something smaller, thats a UK bike incase anyone is wondering, can tell by the tax disc..
  11. Hello, If you could email me with some details regarding your bike. It has very much so inspired me.
    [email protected]

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