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  1. What are you currently running ? I am aprox 90% pavement 10% gravel roads so looking for something good in the rain. Don't ride the dirt tracks unless it is dry season. Thanks
  2. Many Michelin tires are good in the rain.
  3. I would buy the Anakee 3 in a heartbeat - problem is that there is no 17" front. I wonder if I used a Michelin - but different front - with the Anakee 3 rear ? Pilot Activ for example.
  4. I hear ya.
    Love the Anakkee 3 on front of my 20cc DS; 90/90 x 21".
    They don't make it as a rear in 4.0 x 18 for that bike tho.
    Mixed okay with a Dunlop.
    Have Anakee 3 F & R on my Kaw KLR650 [17" rear]
    Haven't thoroughly tested it yet.
    Anakee 3 is a very stiff, strong, heavy tire.
    Very difficult to mount by hand.
  5. I got a 17" rim set for my CRF and put MT60 on them. Amazing fun. Quick knobbies on the 21/18 rims.
  6. Could you take the 17" Anakee rear and turn it around and run it on the front.
    Be fine.
    Other Mich would be fine too.
  7. MT60 on my short list. Good in the rain on pavement ? Also looking at Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2, Michelin Pilot Activ and Pilot Sporty. But like to talk to someone who has run them. Baring that - buy a set and see. Not a big fan of running a rear tire backwards on the front tho'

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