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    As any older Enduro style bike, while riding on roads at higher speeds and having upfront an asphalt cutter as tyre such as 90/90 x 21", some of us might get their trousers wet once the whole front starts getting into an uncontrollable wobble. I had this on the DR650 as also on the AX1 a longer time ago, could stop both bikes but needed the whole width of the lane to stay upright. Dave-Silverhawk gave me a very useful address in the US where I luckily found what I was looking for, a fork brace. Ordered, paid US$ 159.95 and got it delivered within one week per USPS, the guys even double checked with me as this was one for a newer model but as I knew already Suzuki didn't change the dimensions of the front set-up.
    A fork brace will stabilise your front at higher speeds and avoid wobbles, will give you more stability and also improve tyre life. So mine is already mounted (10 minutes job) and I am more than happy to have done it:
    it's made of forged aircraft aluminium and fits exactly to my forks
    After buying at ProCycle several times already, here's the link:
    Got from them also a LED numberplate light which saves space and gives ample illumination:
    Other goodies I purchased from them: gaskets, safety rings for the sprocket, new taillight, muffler gaskets,....
    What I will definetely buy from them are the 17" Supermoto Excel rims & spokes as very cheap.
    One more thing them guys at ProCycle have many many different parts for different bikes, they seem also to be specialised in offroad 250-450's also DRZ400......GSX, R1-6,....
    B.rgds, Franz

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