Supermoto at Nakhonchaisrai

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  1. Hi guys well the new Honda series is about to start the first round id on the 20-21 of feb , but its the supercross on wed the 20 and supermoto on the 21 , i hope to see a few of you there we only confirmed the race was on yesterday , i guess no one wanted to tell us :roll: :roll: .
    you can enter and apply for your license on the day , so be there early .
    please let everyone know its on as Thai Honda have to the trouble to put the races on for us so please show your support :D :D :D



    yes that id the new SXV Aprilia both Matt Patterson and myself will be racing them this season
  2. Hi mate
    yes there are 3 different classes , but depending on numbers they may be run at the same time , but scored separately .
    road bike class ???

    they are running a up to 400cc class at there road racing events , i won the race on the aprilia at the test day there 3 weeks ago , an American guy also got 2nd in the 600 class on his XR supermoto .

    check out the calender at the top of this thread topic they have all the different races they are running listed .

    i will get as much info as i can next week .

    pics from the other week even though i didnt take any gearing with me , out of the 80 bikes there and only being able to run 2/3rds of the main straight the Aprilia ended the day with the second fastest time only .5 off the Bird on his GSXR1000 K7

  3. Worth while going just for the umbrella girls I reackon :D

    Actually I hope a few more punters out there will come down and have a ride. if anyone needs any gear, wheels or other stuff to get them going give Shane or myself a message.

    The more riders we get out there, the more fun we will have.

    Even thinking of doing some Supermotard lessons if anyone is interested. Shane is willing as are a few others. At least you will be a lot safer and faster after a few good tips.
  4. hi guys, is there anything in particular that we need to get the license? or will a few notes do the job?
    i reckon ill ride the bike tomorow morning and see how the shoulder feels and if i can find someone to help me out with a lift and a pair of hands to load the bike on and off the truck then ill try and get down. would be great to meet up and see the event anyway.
  5. Hi Mate be good to see you there , just bring some passport photos and 1500 baht for your yearly license , David posted a copy of the forms ... t3617.html
    print those out and have them filled in to save some time .
    We will be there real early come and give us a shout and we will help unload the bike .

    cheers shane
  6. thats brilliant mate, ive got your number will give you a call to let you know for definite if i can get down.
  7. some podium pictures

    pro open class

    all the class winners

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