Supermoto: which tires d you use for the rain ...


Mar 10, 2006
...and imperfect roads?

This is my first rain season with a SuperMoto (DRZ400SM).
The set of tires I have now is brilliant on the dry and still good for light rain. (Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa Pro 150/60 ZR 17 M/C 66W).
I suspect I could get something better for heavy rain and imperfect surface of rural Thai and Lao roads.

Which rain tires do you use on your SuperMoto and what's your verdict?
Oct 12, 2005
Pee - Glad your on the supermotard, I reckon they are one of the most practical bikes for Thailand.

Sadly I've always placed grip above wet weather performance so all of my tires have been either race slicks:

ok on the dirt, just don't lean into corners, haha

Not so swift in the mud

Or sportbike tires like your Pirelli Dragons. The sportbike tires are the best as they function in rain quite well...up to a point. HappyFeet, HondaHonkey and I have logged a decent amount of miles off road and in the rain on the sportbike motard tires and are quite impressed with their
capabilitties. Mud is where they fail miserably.

I have seen some offroad knobbies in the 17" size but i reckon they would excel in the dirt and give up grip in the wet. Not much to choose from in thailand for 17" dual sport tires that might work well.

I reckon due to the lack of choices your sportbike tires are a decent choice as long as you avoid mud.

Best of luck.
Jun 21, 2006
pee i have been using dunlop GPR100'S on my motard they seem fine in most conditions, although not as grippy as its predecessor the GPR70. the rear on mine has gone in 2500km's so im not sure i would put it on for a long trip away like laos for instance. i am still searching like you for a better tyre. i wanted bridgestone's BT39's sport touring tyre but they have ran out of stock. let us know what you find and if you are based in chiang mai come along with us for a ride sometime.


Mar 10, 2006
Hi BignTall and Honda Honky,

Thanks for your documented feedback.
Since my first post I have done some research:

The Pirelli MT 60 are appealing for me as I give priority to versatility and longevity over racing performance. Their price is not.

Forget about AVON tyres listed on the They are not available in Thailand.
Anyway these Supermoto are so good to ride in Thailand/ Lao (sure you right BignTall:wink:) that it might worth an effort. I am going to try the Pirelli MT 60.
Although my DRZ400S is ironically almost better than the DRZ400SM in Bkk traffic:the handlebar is higher than cars side mirrors. It's also easier to sneak around cars at low speed.
The 400 SM with Yoshimura* is too fast in the Big Mango... Not easy to ride this bike reasonably! Too frustrating. I should get a Honda Wave.
Pirelli MT 60 are out of stock in Bangkok. Khun Vikrom (Red Baron manager) checked and found out that at the moment only one pair is available in Chiang Mai. I have ordered it.
Once I get that and complete an overdue job I 'll ride up north (Honda Honky: unfortunately I am based in central Bkk). Craving for some space + oxygen.
Thanks again for the info guys. Indeed it would be nice to catch up up north.
Till then I wish you lots of fun and +

* My DRZ 400 SM has also a modified camshaft. Gives more torque.
I reckon that together with the Yoshimura it's a nice setting.
For those who ride DRZ400; here are the Suzuki parts references:
-Camshaft intake 12710-29F00-000 EA-13 JB-04
-Camshaft comp exhaust 12720-29F00-000 CA-12 CC-01
I have just copied these references on the box (not being an expert mechanic myself). This bike formerly belonged to Khun Vikrom who carried the mods. Lucky me.